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July 17, 2018

Take it from B

We have had the utmost pleasure of training a youth soccer athlete over the past several months. She brightens the entire studio upon her arrival, engages everyone in the room, encourages those around her and truly demonstrates what it means to put in the work. We asked her a few questions and this is what she has to say…

Meet Bradley:

YAX: Can you tell me a little about yourself (i.e., name, age, school, sport, etc.)?

B: My name is Bradley Redd and I am 14 years old. I’m an incoming Freshman at Trinity Classical School, and am a competitive club soccer player. I play goalkeeper for Challenge SC.

YAX: Why do you choose to train and practice at Yoga Athletex?

B: I choose to train at Yoga Athletex because of the people. People really do make a difference! Kalynn and Patricia, along with all of the other YAX coaches are phenomenal! They push me to become a better athlete mentally and physically! They build relationships and genuinely care about me and my progress as a competitive athlete.

YAX: What has been your greatest achievement at Yoga Athletex?

B: My greatest achievement at Yoga Athletex is definitely increasing my vertical jump by 3 inches in just a month and a half!

YAX: Tell me about a limitation you’ve struggled with but have overcome through training at Yoga Athletex?

B: A limitation that I have struggled with but have overcome thanks to Yoga Athletex was mentally not thinking I was good enough; thinking that I was never going to succeed as a club soccer player or as an athlete in general. Training at Yoga Athletex has made me realize that I am capable of reaching my goals through hard work and determination!

YAX: What is your favorite thing about Yoga Athletex?

B: My favorite thing about Yoga Athletex is their philosophy, which is to help athletes train without pain. Another one of my favorite things about the company, is one of the reasons Kalynn and Patricia started Yoga Athletex. In a blog post it was said that if they could prevent just ONE girl or guy from having to deal with the heartbreak of injury, they would do everything in their power to make that happen. That just goes to show how much we are cared about!

YAX: Why is Yoga Athletex programming different than other training programs?

B: The program at Yoga Athletex is different than others because of the emphasis put on stretching, listening to our bodies, and understating that being an athlete isn’t just being strong physically but also mentally. The classes help us move with ease while being taught proper exercise to help prevent injury.

YAX: What are you goals as an athlete?

B: My goal as an athlete is to further my soccer career into the collegiate level, and also to be mentally strong so I can at least attempt to successfully handle whatever life throws at me.

YAX: What are your greatest strengths as an athlete?

B: My greatest strengths as athlete is that I can push myself very hard, I can take a lot. Also when I step onto the soccer field I mentally switch on. I focus on the game and what needs to be done. Through this mental switch I am able to handle high pressure situations to help my team succeed.

YAX: What are your weaknesses as an athlete?

B: My weakness as an Athlete is how competitive I get. I am constantly comparing myself to other athletes, specifically soccer players, and tend to get frustrated with myself if I’m not on top.

YAX: How did you hear about Yoga Athletex?

B: While supporting some friends downstairs at a volleyball tournament I noticed the Yoga Athletex sign. At the time I was looking for a training program to help me set myself apart from the competition. After looking up YAX online and seeing that they had a hops class I immediately went and tried my first class. I absolutely loved it! The class was exactly what I was looking for. I Signed up and became a member that night and the rest is history!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: As an incoming high school freshman, Bradley scored #47 out of 850 female athletes during her fitness testing. She has one of the fastest arrow tests, 20 and 40 yard sprints in the whole club, (Challenge Soccer). And of course, her vertical is pretty darn high! Bradley is now ranking #2 Goal Keeper in the entire club. Results don’t lie, folks. She puts in the work every day at YAX! And, we love her for it. Way to go, B! 

July 11, 2018


The new YAX tanks are absolutely adorable. You can wear them to workout, hang out with your friends, or chill around the house. For only $25 you can go to your next flow class in style! You can also purchase any of our other t shirts with colors including black, orange, or dark and light blue for $20. Another thing on our pro shop is the Mandoka PRO yoga mats. These high quality mats come in blue, black, green, or burgandy.

July 10, 2018


Join us Sunday, August 19th for a 75 min. donation based Yoga 4 Athletes class at 11am. This hatha based class, taught by the wonderful Elizabeth Watson, is free to members, who are encouraged to bring a friend (or 3!). Not a member, no worries! We’d love to meet you on the mat for this class! All proceeds will be donated to the Periwinkle foundation, in memory of our dear cousin Michael-Mae Evans.

Minimum suggested donation: $10

July 10, 2018

Yoga + Mimosas @ Lil’ Woodrows Midtown

Hey adults 21+! This event is for you!! Come get on your mat with us Sunday, July 22nd at Lil’ Woodrows Midtown! Mandee Lee will be teaching a vinyasa flow class followed by refreshing bevvie specials! This event is FREE and is a great opportunity to bring your friends and get some chill time outside of the studio!

Midtown Events

Event Address: 2306 Brazos St, Houston, TX 77006

July 10, 2018

August Mile Challenge

It’s CHALLENGE tiimmmee!!!! For the month of August we’ll be putting miles on those strong legs of yours, so strap on your best adidas and let’s hit the treads. In August, we challenge you to run 1 (one) mile at a time on our new toys (treadmills), before or after class, for time. You may only run ONE mile at a time; one before class and one after class (for as many classes as you’d like). At the end of August we’ll pick 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each of two categories: FASTEST MILE and MOST MILES LOGGED. Sign up in studio to see prizes and details!

1st place FASTEST MILE: 300 points
1st place MOST MILES LOGGED: 300 points
2nd place FASTEST MILE: 200 points
2nd place MOST MILES LOGGED: 200 points
3rd place FASTEST MILE: 100 points
3rd place MOST MILES LOGGED: 100 points

Same person can win each category! Curious how you’re going to log that many miles and stay mobile? Yoga 4 Athletes and FMS, y’all!!

July 9, 2018

Functional Movement for the Versatile Soccer Athlete

At YAX, we use FMS to help create healthier athletes every day. This FMS toolkit, or Functional Movement Screen, is widely used in the EPL and MLS today. Many elite professionals such as Bayan Munich of Liverpool FC and Zlatan Ibrahimovic of LA Galaxy begin their season with FMS.
Because soccer fields 11-14 athletes per game and a single injury can completely set back an entire team, FMS is key in injury prevention to create more durable athletes. Even though soccer is a team sport, the need for individualization is key to each athlete’s health.
A common presumption is that football injuries are ranked most common for injury occurances, but that doesn’t mean soccer isn’t a close 3rd and 4th for boys’ and girls’ soccer respectively, according to the CDC. The majority of soccer injuries typically involve the lower extremeties. This is why we asses many kinetic chain points of the lower body (i.e., hips, knees and ankles).
If you’ve ever participated in a screen you may feel that the movements don’t exactly mimic soccer techniques but the movements selected allow us, as trainers, to assess how you move generally and give us more insight to why you move the way you do. In most sports, the FMS can be used as a return to play protocol and evaluate readiness to return to the field. FMS is a great communication tool to be used between surgeon’s, physical therapists and fitness professionals. It allows us to better evaluate appropriate progressions.
Want to hear it from the pros? Read how and why LA Galaxy Strength Coach Ben Yauss uses FMS here!

April 10, 2018

The Method Behind the Madness

Ever what the heck we’re doing over at Yoga Athletex? We’ll here’s a little break down to the method behind all the madness going on in the HUSTLE room. All Athletex and YAX classes are high intensity explosive training and conditioning circuits designed to maximize the body’s ability to burn fat, build lean muscle, optimize the body’s hormone and physiological response to exercise while improving overall daily and athletic performance. I know, it’s a mouthful. But, had to get it out. It is truly made for EVERYone at ANY stage of athletic development (see LTAD model). Our circuits are made accessible to everyone regardless of age or fitness level through the use of progressions and regressions. Meaning we can modify or up-level most anything!

This type of high intensity explosive training triggers an improved physiological response to exercise by elevating activity of the endocrine system leading to increased hormone production (including growth hormone) which stimulates protein synthesis. This, in turn, leads to improved muscle growth, fat metabolism leading to a reduction in body fat, and increased metabolic rate for sustainable weight loss and effective weight management. It is important for people in the 30+ age bracket to participate in high intensity circuits, to stimulate hormone production because this is when a decline starts to take place. That’s right. I said it.

Our circuits will improve strength, speed, endurance, balance, flexibility, coordination, motor control and more through the OPT model used to build these circuits, approved by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). The movements are sequenced so that participants perform dissimilar consecutive exercises, promoting active recovery. Each circuit, throughout the year, aims to achieve performance in phase one (Stabilization Endurance), Phase two (Strength Endurance) and Phase five (Power) of the OPT model. We work to achieve high rep, low intensity sets within a 30 second period to fatigue the muscles, which will ensure that all muscle fibers are recruited. Clients who have been working with low reps and heavy weights for some time are often in dire need of a higher repetition strategy. As stated before, the neural and hormonal benefits of such protocols are much more effective for the speed and power state of the client/athlete than what has been previously believed and researched. It’s 2018, y’all. Don’t get complacent with 80’s training. You will find a full body workout with every circuit at YAX, work in every plane of motion and constantly be challenged to increase performance! Clients will optimize calories burned during the exercise, and will also experience nearly two times the post exercise caloric expenditure, in comparison to traditional workouts! That’s just an added bonus with no extra work. Can’t beat it.

In addition to our HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes, we also offer a full yoga schedule in our stunning FLOW room. You can move dynamically with breath as a means to sweat, restore and take active recovery. With styles from hatha, vinyasa and restorative, we have something for everyone. 2 for the price of one. Come get on the mat with us to really reap the benefits of our programming. Sign up HERE.

March 29, 2018

April (Major Row) Challenge

In light of the Masters starting this month, we’re doing a little spin off the golf course and taking it to the row.

Major Row Challenge: April 2-30 we’re featuring a different event each week.

The Details
Using the Row Machine, or Erg, complete each of the following four events during the timeframes indicated and log them on the challenge board. Meters can be completed throughout the week or all at once. This is an individual challenge. You do not need to belong to a team to participate. Meters must be entered on the challenge board. In studio meters only (to be done before or after class).

The Masters: Week 1, Apr. 2-7: 5000 meters *(50 pt. bonus if 5000 meters completed at once in under 20 min.)*

The Open: Week 2, Apr. 8–14: 500 meters *(50 pt. bonus if 500 meters completed at once in under 2.5 min.)*

The Championship: Week 3, Apr. 15–21: 2000 meters *(50 pt. bonus if 2000 meters completed at once in under 7 min.)*

The PYR (Professional YAX Rower): Week 4, Apr. 22–30: 10,000 meters

Who Can Participate
Anyone with a membership or package can participate in this challenge.

Incentives and Rewards
Participants who meet the challenge can enjoy: Name inclusion on the Texas Chalkboard displayed through May, a specially designed certificate, a YAX goodie bag and 500 Reward Points!

March 29, 2018

Building the WHOLE Athlete

Not Seeing Results? Finding your sweat and shavasana every day is not enough. There are several other factors that go into being a well rounded, healthy athlete. Below are several areas to review and incorporate into your daily regime to build a better path toward total well being and start seeing results. Accomplish 80% of the below weekly and you are going places!

Eat WHOLE foods. Less processed food. More fruits and veggies.
Eat often. Fuel your body throughout the day with healthy fats, proteins and carbs (yep, carbs).
Drink ⅔ of your bodyweight in ounces of water every day! Stay hydrated.

Sleep and Recover
Get a minimum of 8 hours sleep every night.
Go to bed early, wake up early. Do what the sun does.
Sleep in a dark, quiet room (without your cell phone).
Don’t be afraid to take a cat nap before or after a workout.

Stress Management
Incorporate a weekly (if not daily) dynamic yoga and pranayama (breathwork) practice.
Find a hobby outside of sports or fitness (i.e., art, cooking, gardening, reading).
Attend mobility playshops.

Mental Training
Attend yoga for athletes and restorative classes.
Practice visualization techniques and meditation.
Incorporate more positive self talk.
Listen to motivating, positive music.
Find a present tense mantra: “I can touch 10 foot.” “I am an elite athlete.” “I am love.” “I can do great things.” “I have no fear.”

Surround yourself with positive, goal oriented people.
Make friends at YAX!
Build quality relationships.

Make sticky notes, write in a journal, set reminders. Do what you can to incorporate these practices into your daily life to heighten your overall success and build the WHOLE athlete. Ready, GO!

January 9, 2018

Functional Fitness & Why You Need It

What is Functional Fitness and why do I need it more than anything right now?

Functional training is a classification of exercise which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life.

You need to be strengthening your muscles daily & stretching those same muscles to continue living a functional & healthy life. So, what prompted this blog is my wonderful mom. She is the Director of Wellness in Spring BranchISD and is leading a seminar on functional fitness today and asked me to describe what functional fitness meant to me. So, I brainstormed a little and thought, it’s actually really simple. What do you want to be able to do each day and can you do those things? Sure, maybe now you can, but what are you doing in your life that’s supporting proper movement so you can extend the years that you can do these things. I immediately start thinking about gardening and all of the movement that you need to do this pain free. Bending over, squatting, kneeling and pulling those darn weeds. Right now, I’m in month 3 of recovery from hip labrum repair arthroscopy surgery, and I can definitely not do any gardening, but I’m getting closer 🙂  I have been going to Physical Therapy 3 times/week to do my functional exercises to get me there some time this year (which is really exciting!). My functional movements have been extremely limited the past 3 months, unable to shower on my own, unable to shave my legs (big thank you to my mom for keeping my legs smooth when I had to go out in public!), couldn’t put socks or shoes on myself, couldn’t sit all the way down on the toilet without a hand rail, and the list continues. I saw how fast you can lose your strength and range of motion, and always want to train my body to be able to do what some people say are mundane tasks, like getting in and out of the car, or getting into the bath tub. I am in my late 20’s so I have gained my strength back pretty quickly, even though 3 months does not seem quick AT ALL! But, I can’t imagine being a little older when it is much harder to re-gain strength and range of motion. So, my point in all of this is to address the serious need for daily functional fitness. You never know when you are going to be limited, or lose your range of motion. Having some consistent training plan, will prep your body whenever that time comes (hopefully never for everyone) but realistically it could happen to any of us! It’s better to have something to work with then nothing and it’s better to start NOW then tomorrow. Not to get too philosophical, but this life is a gift and we should all be doing everything we can to enjoy it, take care of ourselves, and take care of our beautiful bodies. Even if you think you’re “not in shape” to “get in shape”- you need to let that go and just start. Start walking, take an easy yoga class, show up for a workout & do whatever you can! Just start & DO IT. My goal for 2018 is to get functional and encourage others to do the same! 

Here are some common functional activities you need to be able to do, whether you think about it or not!

Getting in & out of the car

Lifting Boxes

Carrying Groceries

Getting out of bed

Stepping off a curb

Sitting in a chair/on toilet

Shaving your legs

Washing your hair

What Your Body Needs From You



Full Range Of Motion

Common Functional Movements To Help Keep You Living the Life You Want!



Shoulder Mobility

Leg Raises

Push Ups


Bird Dogs

At Yoga Athletex, Patricia & I are both certified in FMS (Functional Movement Screens) that help us identify where we are showing imbalances in our bodies, limited range of motion & any asymmetries. We assess the body through various exercises, how it naturally moves and identify where you could use corrective exercises. We make personalized plans just for YOUR body, because we are all so different, and help you know what functional movements may be limited for you. We all have to start somewhere, and we believe we have created the perfect place to do it. <3 

If you wanna chat more, just shoot me an email: kalynn@yogaathletex.com.

If you want to book your FMS screen, sign up here: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=118632&stype=41&sTG=5

Much love,