Recovery is essential to being a healthy athlete – it reduces fatigue, decreases stress, boosts performance, keeps the mind sharp, and decreases chance of injury. Yet, it is often missing from training regimens.

We created this Recovery Guide to provide a clear blueprint for incorporating recovery methods (such as yoga, meditation, and breathwork) into into training depending on the athletic season (pre-season, in-season, post-season, and off-season).⁠

By following this guide, athletes will recover faster, move better, and improve their athletic performance.

Jump Training GUIDE

Our jump training program is designed for you to achieve vertical goals at a faster, more specified pace. It includes four phases that must be completed to achieve optimal performance results.

This guide will show you how to properly integrate the program into your periodization schedule, so you can enhance your explosive power and overall athletic performance while minimizing the risk of overtraining and injury.


Performance Breathwork is a powerful tool to reset the body and mind, especially when needed most. It is used to improve respiratory muscle function, increase oxygen efficiency, increase focus, and control emotions.

As athletes, practicing breathwork can take your game to the next level!


How to win more, play better, and recover faster with yoga, breathwork, and meditation.

This webinar was recorded for coaches and club directors, but athletes and parents will also benefit from watching.


Baseball athletes are always looking for a way to increase velocity and improve accuracy. But what biomechanics are needed and how can yoga create meaningful improvements?

For pitchers, we’ll dive into the benefits of thoracic mobility and trunk flexion at ball release. For batters, we’ll discuss the importance of hip mobility and pelvis rotation at ball contact for greater swing speed and consistency.

You’ll leave this webinar with a greater understanding of how yoga can serve as a valuable tool for improving range of motion and how it can be easily incorporated into your current training regimen.

This is a great webinar for coaches, club directors, athletes, and parents.

YAX Online features 200+ videos of recovery methods such as yoga, breathwork, mediation, SMR, and more – all designed to improve performance, decrease injury, and increase playing time. Just select your sport, choose the athletic season, and hit play!