Want to get ahead of your competition but have a limited budget and no time to create extra programming?

YAX Online offers the perfect solution: volleyball specific on-demand recovery that is easy to implement into your current training!

Recovery is crucial for athletes. It will:

  • Boost performance
  • Decrease risk of injury
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Improve mental health
  • Earn more wins

YAX Online will also make your life easier!

  • Save on court space
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Add to your recruiting tools
  • Improve your stats

Make the next season the best yet by incorporating recovery.

Take the first step by getting a quote on team pricing. Discounts available!

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Recover like the pros!

As an official partner of Athletes Unlimited, we provide on-demand recovery to the professional volleyball athletes.

Each athlete has their own login so they can fit recovery into their busy schedules.

Signing up your team/club for YAX Online will allow your athletes to recover like the pros!

Recovery methods on YAX Online


Gain flexibility, increase range of motion, and calm the nervous system with a series of postures, stretches, and movements.


Improve respiratory muscle function, increase lung capacity, and control emotions with specific breathing techniques.


Cultivate a resilient mindset, identify distractions, and improve focus when needed most (during games and times of high performance).

SMR (Self-Myofascial Release)

Increase range of motion by alleviating myofascial trigger points and areas of hyper-irritability located within a band of muscle.

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Jump Training Program

Athletes can achieve vertical goals faster with our on-demand Jump Training Program!

It includes four phases (pre-season, in-season, post-season, and off-season). Each phase includes 13 videos of 30-minute plyometric workouts at the power level.

Sessions include:

  • A variety of sport-specific jumping efforts
  • Maximal sprints, both accelerating and maximal velocity in nature
  • Speed endurance sprints of 40-80 meters for one leg jumpers
  • Overloaded versions of jumping and sprinting
  • General strength and fitness training

The program can be added on to your YAX Online membership for an additional cost.
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