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We live, breathe, and sleep sport performance and we know you do too. Our mission is to help you reach your athletic goals without injury. Whether you're a youth athlete pursuing a Division 1 School scholarship, or an adult athlete/high performer looking to balance your training, we're here to personalize your training and get you to the next level. We use the latest sport performance research to help you train smart and see results.

Your Options for Training

Private Sport Performance

Get your game to the next level through personalized, well-rounded, sport-specific private training. Want to increase your vertical? Sign up for our Jump Training Program.

Team Training

We use the latest research to offer sport-specific performance training and recovery for teams of all sizes. We come to your facility!


On-Demand Recovery

Recovery designed for athletes’ specific needs (including yoga, breathwork, meditation, and SMR) categorized by athletic season (pre seaon, in season, post season, and off season). Individual & team pricing available.


Team Training

Offsite / Virtual
  • 60-min session with master trainer
  • Sport-specific
  • Can include jump training, SAC, breathwork, meditation, and yoga
  • Offsite at your facility
  • Virtual option available

Private Training

Offsite / Virtual
  • One-on-one 60-min session with master trainer
  • Sport-specific
  • Can include jump training, SAC, breathwork, meditation, and yoga
  • Offsite at your home or facility
  • Virtual option available


  • YAX Online - Monthly, 6-Month, & Yearly subscriptions
  • Includes yoga, breathwork, meditation, & SMR
  • 7 Day FREE Trial
  • Team pricing also available
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Download the Recovery Guide

How to add recovery to your training

Recovery is essential to being a healthy athlete or active person – it reduces fatigue, decreases stress, boosts performance, keeps the mind sharp, and decreases chance of injury. Yet, it is often missing from training regimens.

We created this Recovery Guide to provide a clear blueprint for athletes to incorporate recovery methods (such as yoga, meditation, and breathwork) into their training depending on where they are in their athletic season (Pre Season, In Season, Post Season, and Off Season) and which type of training day it is (practice, strength and conditioning, game, tournament, and off).⁠

By following this schedule, you’ll recover faster, move better, and improve your athletic performance.

YAX Online

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Recover anytime, anywhere

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