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May 13, 2019

Cardiovascular Benefits of HIIT and Yoga

Here at Yoga Athletex we offer a wide range of HIIT and Yoga classes. When combined and attended regularly, our classes can be used to improve heart health. Today we will be discussing the specific benefits that HIIT and yoga offer for cardiovascular health.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT classes are usually around 30-45 minutes. The beauty of HIIT training is that you can give all you have because it isn’t a long and grueling workout. HIIT training also reaps many benefits for the entire body, but the scientific facts behind HIIT and cardiovascular health is so intriguing! HIIT training helps increase the heart’s pumping capacity, so your heart can always be supplying the body with blood. Our HIIT classes intend to push you into the appropriate max training zone. This means that your heart is working like crazy to supply the muscles with blood, but you are only in this zone for short amounts of time. This allows you to safely train your heart to handle a high intensity threshold, which again circles back around to helping increase pumping capacity. HIIT training has been dubbed the training that turns back the clock in aging. That goes for heart health and overall health.

Yoga can aid your body in reducing the frequency of atrial fibrillation episodes in people affected by that condition. Yoga also helps to lower stress levels by releasing a hormone called cortisol. The hormone cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands, on top of the kidneys and produces a stress response, which puts strain on the heart. Yoga helps release that hormone so that stress doesn’t occur. A consistent Yoga practice also helps lower blood levels of markers for inflammation, along with the aid in palpitation prevention. Palpitation is just a fancy word for an irregular or rapid heartbeat. Last but not least, yoga helps blood circulation. Yoga does not only help prevent conditions, it also strengthens the muscles around your heart and everywhere else in your body. A consistent Yoga practice reaps so many benefits, these are just a few cardiovascular ones!

The wide range of training and yoga options at Yoga Athletex can give anyone an opportunity to experience these amazing benefits. If you are new to YAX, purchase our new client special HERE. Veteran? Book your classes HERE.

May 13, 2019

Who’s doing FMS?

FMS, also known as a Functional Movement Screen is a baseline assessment to identify asymmetries and imbalances in the body. Once you complete your FMS screening you will be given a 4-6 week exercise plan that will help correct those areas of dysfunctional movement. FMS will help you gain the fundamentals of exercise before trying to go to the next level. FMS builds a great foundation for anyone being assessed, and we all know that having a good, stable, and reliable foundation is the key to success! Completing your FMS screen and performing your given exercises will prepare you and your body for optimal performance. FMS is a tool that will take you very far into your athletic career – injury free. If you are not an athlete, an FMS screen will help you maintain a healthy body throughout your life. You will be able to move with ease and potentially pain free.

FMS can be a key part to an athletes’ success at any age. Click here to read why FMS in adolescence is beneficial for injury prevention and optimal performance. FMS has also reached collegiate and professional sports teams! These athletes are living proof that FMS works! They are truly ahead of the game from completing their FMS screen. Check out this article written by the New York Times on the Stanford football team, how they are reaping the benefits from FMS, and how some of their players are even applying what they learned from FMS into their NFL careers. Click here to read about how the Miami Dolphins are incorporating FMS into their NFL pre and post season training sessions. Click here to watch a video and read a blog about Nike Basketball incorporating FMS into their training. Other teams that use FMS are the Toronto Blue Jays, Montreal Canadiens and all the athletes at Yoga Athletex.

Whether you are training for a marathon, playing club soccer, or just trying to live a healthy lifestyle, FMS is for you. The athletes at Yoga Athletex all the way to professional sports are succeeding from having their screening done, so why shouldn’t you? Yoga Athletex would thoroughly enjoy administering your FMS screen. Click HERE to get signed up!

May 13, 2019

Eliminating Sugar for Improved Performance

In the words of Melissa Hartwig, let’s slay the sugar dragon! This week at YAX, we’ve challenged you to do all the things. One of which is to eliminate processed sugar. Why? Not to lose weight or look better by the pool, but to rid the body of inflammation and reset the brain’s relationship to this unhealthy block. Everyone knows that sugar is just not good for you. Not in the simple, processed form. Sugar does not contain vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals or really anything that contribute to health and performance. Sugar just provides empty calories that create a psychological relationship between you and “the dragon”. Overconsumption of sugar can lead to a hormonal and metabolic imbalance, causing inflammation in the body. Sugar also promotes insulin resistance, diabetes, digestive issues, obesity and decreased performance. All of this sugar talk includes artificial sweeteners. So, this week, we encourage you to abstain from all processed sugars in order to stay driven and feeling great during your 7 classes this week.

So, what can you eat? In a nutshell, pasture raised/wild caught/grass fed organic animal proteins like salmon, beef, eggs, chicken and bacon. All the vegetables. LOTS of vegetables. All the fruit. Good quality fats like ghee, coconut oil and avocados. Nuts and seeds like almonds or almond butter, pistachios, sunflowers, walnuts and more. Finally and most importantly, drink LOTS of water.

What is Processed Sugar?
Processed sugars are natural sugars that are modified, combined and processed to make something with regular flavor and texture, such as white sugar.

Sucrose – combines (half) glucose and (half) fructose to become a “complex” sugar. Typically it’s extracted from sugar-beet plans or sugar cane to make your typical table sugar.

Other Types – High fructose corn syrup, agave syrup, molasses etc.

In a nutshell:

  • Made from refined ingredients
  • Chemically processed
  • Artificial substance
  • Read your labels

Alcohol (this includes wine + margaritas)
High fructose corn syrup
Watch your pasta sauce
Granola bars
Flavored Yogurts

What is Natural Sugar?
Natural sugars are sugars that are found, well, naturally. This includes fruits, veggies, and honey.

Glucose – refers to “simple” sugars, found in all foods that have carbohydrates. Glucose can be found in mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, etc. Glucose is vital to life and is in every single living molecule. It is also produced by your body and easily broken down by every cell in your body.

Fructose – another “simple” sugar, it’s also referred to as fruit sugar, because its main source is fruits and honey. Fructose is a bit harder to break down, as only your liver breaks down significant portions of it.

In a nutshell:

  • Real, whole foods found naturally
  • Single ingredient with no added chemicals
  • Can be cut up, ground or put in a jar
  • Read your labels


YES (preferably all organic, locally sourced, grass fed, pasture raised or wild caught)
Animal Protein (beef, chicken, seafood, eggs, etc.)
Lots of Veggies (including potatoes)
Nuts + Seeds
Healthy fats (avocados, coconut oil, ghee)
Plain yogurts
Milk – most likely (read the labels)

Read full challenge details HERE.

April 27, 2019


Calling All Athletes: this workshop is created for YOU. You will learn how to properly breathe for performance, how to move well through circuit training and yoga and how to recover through ice and heat contrast therapy.

What: XPT Workshop for Athletes: Breathe. Move. Recover.

When: June 8th at 2pm-5:30pm

Where: Meet at Yoga Athletex at 2pm for Breathwork and HIIT + Yoga, drive over to Mekanix at 4pm for Heat + Ice. 🔥❄️

Why: Being an athlete requires a lot of work and stress on the body. Recovery is a BIG part of your training regime that you must learn for optimal performance, ie: being the best you can be. Learning how to breathe properly under stress and taking care of your body is just as important as training your body. Come get some key take-a-ways on training and recovery, with XPT coach Kalynn, HIGHX coach Patricia & XPT coach Justin.

Sign up now for the early bird special: $99 – Regular: $149

What is XPT?
XPT, Extreme Performance Training™, is a performance lifestyle rooted in the most basic yet powerful human trait: the ability to adapt. Challenge yourself with cutting-edge fitness through our Breathe, Move, Recover curriculum designed to stimulate growth in all aspects of human performance through exposure to a variety of natural elements and environments. XPT’s train, adapt and perform approach empowers you to strengthen and elevate the quality of your everyday life. XPT founders and the inspiration behind the XPT strength and conditioning training program; with a culmination of 30+ years in high level athletics, chasing giant waves, playing professional volleyball, and exploring human possibilities, Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece set the tone in living a limitless life.

April 27, 2019


That’s right, SUMMER IS COMING (Game of Thrones style)!

This May 13-19, we challenge you to take 7 classes in 7 days and abstain from processed sugars during that time frame. Why should you do this? 1) To challenge your body and increase athletic performance. 2) To win a 3-month unlimited summer pass to YAX ($199 value).

*Complete our 7 Day Challenge: 7 classes in 7 days + Nutrition Goal: eliminate processed sugar to increase athletic performance
*Track your progress at Yoga Athletex – put a star for each class you take
*2 posts on Instagram and 2 check-ins on Facebook
*Celebration Party: Monday, May 20 @6-8PM: door prizes, summer pass drawings, food & drink

Challenge participation is FREE
You MUST register on http://yogaathletex.com OR in studio.


5-class pass $39 (regular price $90) expiration: June 15
BUY HERE: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=118632&stype=41&sTG=36&prodId=10606

10-class pass $59 (regular price $200) expiration: June 15
BUY NOW: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=118632&stype=41&sTG=36&prodId=10607

3-month Unlimited Summer Pass $199
BUY NOW: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=118632&stype=41&sTG=36&prodId=10339

April 11, 2019

Entrepreneurial Sisters Open Gym in Spring Branch

Yoga Athletex, sitting directly above the Houston Skyline Juniors volleyball gym in Spring Branch, has a mission to help prevent sports-related injuries. Founded in January of 2017 by sisters Kalynn Evans and Patricia Bomar, Yoga Athletex seeks to provide the movement training that Kalynn thinks could have prevented her own injuries she suffered while playing college volleyball. “If I had practiced yoga in college, I may have been able to avoid injuries, and could have kept playing, even after college,” says Kalynn.

I climbed the steps to the second floor (my daily workout) to reach their modern-industrial style space, compete with a yoga studio, workout gym and a locker room. A group doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) hustled purposefully through circuit stations set up in the gym, under the supervision of their trainer. I stepped into the peaceful calm of the yoga studio to speak with Kalynn about the story behind Yoga Athletex.

“We grew up in the fitness industry, and we had always dreamed of opening a business together,” Kalynn says. The sisters’ immersion in athletics growing up was partly due to their mother, who played volleyball for University of Houston, then the United States Volleyball Association, and now works with PE teachers in Spring Branch. Patricia played college club sports while working toward her sports management degree, and Kalynn played college volleyball while studying accounting.

“I suffered from a lot of injuries in college, and my doctors told me that I could do yoga and I could walk, and that was pretty much my limit for movement,” Kalynn says. On her doctor’s recommendation, she began taking yoga classes consistently. After 30 days of yoga, her back pain had gone away, and she no longer needed to take medication. “Doing yoga increases your mobility, flexibility, and range of motion; keeping you from compensating in other areas during workouts and causing injury,” she explains. Kalynn knew that she had to keep up this routine.

After college, both sisters found jobs in the oil and gas industry. However, Kalynn explains that being a very kinesthetic person made sitting at a desk for 8 hours every day far from ideal, and the sisters found joy in their workouts outside of work hours. By 2013, Patricia and Kalynn decided to become certified yoga instructors, and started teaching classes under their newly formed LLC, Yoga Athletex. “We taught in parks, our parents’ garage, we rented space in a CrossFit gym, and inside the Skyline gym at first,” Kalynn says. When Skyline offered them a space on the 2nd floor, “We felt like it was now or never – take this opportunity or go back to our day jobs. It was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up,” Kalynn says.

Accepting Skyline’s offer in January of 2017, Yoga Athletex has gone from Kalynn and Patricia as sole instructors, to gradually adding a staff of highly qualified trainers over the past two years. The sisters’ mission began with youth athletes, who Kalynn often recognizes are “very stressed out with recruiting, school work and even social media. They have a lot on their plates.” The sisters can thoroughly identify with the challenges faced by these students, having once been in their shoes.

High school and college athletes can benefit from the “Play, Work, Restore” model that Yoga Athletex upholds. “Play” refers to the athlete’s sport, “Work” happens through cross training (HIIT), and “Restore” is achieved through yoga and breathwork.

Now, Yoga Athletex works with athletes from age 11 through adulthood. Current athletes and people who participated in athletics at any point in their lives can find support through classes offered. Functional Movement screens are done on all athletes, to identify weaknesses each person can work to improve. Strength training classes, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes, jump training, sport performance classes, and mobility through self-myofascial release (therapy balls that increase your mobility), are part of the “Work” portion, before moving into a restorative yoga session. “I feel really lucky and find it extremely necessary that we get to offer a space for athletes to relax and recover,” Kalynn says.

Though the first two years of getting Yoga Athletex up and running has been challenging and exhausting, Patricia and Kalynn are confident that offering this opportunity to athletes has been more than worth it. When asked what the most enjoyable aspect of owning the business is, Kalynn responded, “I love the connections I’ve made with the athletes, getting to see them progress so quickly, and see them excited about yoga. One of the best parts of owning our own company is getting to be creative, and doing what we believe in.”

Spring Branch’s Yoga Athletex offers a supportive space for student athletes, competitive professional athletes, adults training for marathons, college graduates in need of a new fitness routine after transitioning from sports into working life, or anyone who wants to improve their health. Whether you play a sport, or are seeking to simply work and restore, Yoga Athletex creates a community with the tools to help you to reach your goals.

Yoga Athletex
10510 Westview Dr, Houston, TX 77043
Email: info@yogaathletex.com
Visit their website to find the full schedule of classes: https://yogaathletex.com/

by Christina Autry

March 30, 2019

March Athlete of the Month

The team at Yoga Athletex has carefully selected Angela Garza to be our Athlete of the Month for March 2019! Angela has consistently shown up to better herself every month since the start of the year. She is an inspiration and we are so proud of her for not only staying healthy and fit while pregnant but committing to her health so quickly after giving birth to the most beautiful baby!! Keep it up Angela! You are such a great role model for Ava!

Q&A with Angela:

How long have you been practicing/training at Yoga Athletex?

1.5 years..I think. I started when I was pregnant and Yoga Athletex was a wonderful place to go pre and postpartum.

What benefits have you received since training at Yoga Athletex?

I have become stronger and have improved my yoga practice. I have learned the great benefits of breath work especially in relation to working out and stress management!

What is your sport/activity outside of the studio?

Chasing around a toddler! Haha

What is your favorite class at Yoga Athletex and why?

Cardio and Core but it’s tied with Elizabeth’s yoga classes.

Any advice for new people trying out the studio?

Get a good mix of all the classes. They all have different benefits. I love them all!

March 2, 2019

Athlete of the Month at YAX

February 2019 Athlete of the Month: Danielle Devine, Adult Endurance Runner

This March we celebrate our February Athlete of the Month, Danielle Devine. Danielle truly embodies what it means to PLAY+WORK+RESTORE. Danielle is an endurance athlete and recently set a new PR at this years Houston Marathon. 4:00:08! She utilizes our HIIT and yoga classes as a means of WORK+RESTORE to supplement her sport. It seems to be serving her well!

Q+A with Danielle: 

How long have you been practicing/training at Yoga Athletex?

Since July 2017.

What benefits have you received since training at Yoga Athletex?

My main activity is running. I love Yoga Athletex so I can cross train and compliment my running. Last year I spent just as many hours running (258 hours) as I did cross-training in HIIT and yoga classes (251 hours) and I never felt better!! (258 running hours was 1,650 miles ran for the year!) As a result of my training and cross-training, I was able to improve my marathon time this year by over 9 minutes! I am stronger both physically and mentally as a result of the classes and community at Yoga Athletex!

What is your sport/activity outside of the studio?

Running – marathons, half marathons, 10k, 5k, even a 50k!

What is your favorite class at Yoga Athletex and why?

75 minute Yoga for Athletes on Sundays! I love this extended weekend class! Elizabeth makes you feel like yogi gold! I leave feeling refreshed and ready to start a new week.

Any advice for new people trying out the studio?

Yoga Athletex is a wonderful community. You are not just a name in a big corporate structure. You are a real person with real goals, hopes, dreams, and concerns. You are treated with genuine kindness, caring, and thoughtfulness. The instructors and owners know your name, treat you with love and are always available to answer any questions or just to chat.

Any other comments? I love my Manduka yoga mat that I purchased through the studio on your recommendation! It has completely changed my yoga practice for the better. I can’t practice on any other mat (and feel as good!)

March 1, 2019

March Balance Challenge

Today marks the beginning of the March 2019 BALANCE CHALLENGE! Inspired by Aristotle’s Golden Mean, which articulates the importance of finding a balance of morals, and in this case a balance of your physical well being. YAX has worked to create an environment where you can succeed in balancing a wellness routine between Yoga, HIIT, Mobility and Rest. This month our challenge for you is to take the SAME amount of yoga classes as HIIT classes for the month of March. Everyone who completes the challenge will receive reward points dependent on how many classes they take. Anyone who take 10 or more of each yoga and HIIT classes, will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE FMS Screen or Re-Screen! Find your balance this month!

February 23, 2019

We’re Hiring!

Yoga Athletex
Group Fitness / Yoga Instructor

Are you a fitness or yoga instructor looking for a unique organization and team to work with? Do you enjoy serving in the spotlight? Are you passionate about movement and teaching? Do you love cleaning equipment after a sweaty class? If you answered yes to all of these (except the cleaning one—we hate that), we’d like to talk to you. We’re looking for a confident, professional and experienced instructor to join our Coaching Team. We’re growing like crazy, and we’re looking for someone who can jump into a system quickly while contributing their own magic touch. We have a number of exceptional coaches who reach hundreds of people each year with the message of ACCOMPLISHMENT. Help us continue spreading that message. Join our crusade to change lives forever!

• Broad knowledge of anatomy, functional movement and breathwork. If you just like to look at yourself in the large mirrors at the gym, please don’t apply.
• Experience in teaching small groups. This means less than 10 people in a class.
• Ability to think on your toes. Understand that quickly means QUICKLY— you won’t have time to google it!
• Eat pressure and high-intensity situations for breakfast.
• Ability to work within a team atmosphere. At no point will you be allowed to be a Lone Ranger. • Someone with former stand up comedy experience. (We like to have a good laugh and stay entertained.)

• Work directly with youth and adults to help them achieve their fitness goals.
• Encourage membership sales of every person that walks through the door.
• Be able to do necessary administrative tasks. Check clients into your class. Run a timer. Bring the (non-explicit) heat with your playlists. We all have to do ’em; make sure you can do them accurately.
• Of course, actually coach and/or teach yoga. You may have open/close the studio, wipe down equipment, check someone out for a water or sweat towel, or collect payment for private lessons. Can you do these things with excellence? If this describes you, we want your résumé!

Email us at info@yogaathletex.com