Recovery is essential to progressing safely. So to empower you reach your athletic goals in 2023, we are challenging you to kickstart your recovery! This challenge will give you the opportunity to create some consistency and be held accountable by an online community fellow YAXletes.

The Challenge

February 6th – February 26th complete THREE on-demand recovery videos per week. Then by end-of-day each Sunday, inside the YAX Online Community, create a post to tell everyone which video was your favorite that week and why.

Recovery videos include yoga, breathwork, meditation, mobility/SMR, and cool-downs.

  • Week 1 – Yoga Focus: Complete one yoga video (Recovery, Dynamic, Restorative, and Cool-Down all count) + two recovery videos of your choice
  • Week 2 – Breathwork Focus: Complete one breathwork video + two recovery videos of your choice
  • Week 3 – Meditation Focus: Complete one meditation video + two recovery videos of your choice

Here are some examples for how to structure Week 1:

  • three yoga videos
  • two yoga + one breathwork
  • one yoga + one breathwork + one meditation
  • one yoga + one SMR + one breathwork

The Reward

Besides gaining the all benefits from consistently doing recovery, everyone that completes the challenge will be entered into a raffle to win 3 FREE MONTHS of YAX Online!

We hope you enjoy the challenge! You must be a YAX Online member to participate, so after you fill out the form to sign up for the challenge, you’ll need to sign up for a 7-day free trial on any YAX Online plan.

Sign up for the challenge!

YAX Online Membership FAQs

What is included in membership?
Membership includes access to all of our recovery content including yoga, breathwork, meditation, mobility/SMR, and cool-downs. The Jump Training Program is available for an additional cost.

What is the difference between the subscriptions (Monthly, 6-Month, Yearly)?
Savings! If you are an individual athlete, or parent of an athlete, you can save 18% with the 6-Month plan or 25% with the Yearly plan. Get started with a 7-day free trial.

Can I sign my whole team up?
Yes, we have discounts available for teams! If you are a coach or club director get a quote on team pricing to get started.

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