Continuing Education

You may or may not know that I am currently studying for my 300 hour yoga certification. In the yoga world, first you earn your 200 hour certification, then your 300 hour to get the full 500 hour registered yoga teacher (RYT) title.
I am so excited about this training that I wanted to tell all of you about the process. Months ago a friend of mine suggested I apply for this particular training. I had not practiced at this studio more than once and was not familiar with the instructor leading the program, so I was hesitant. Also, it is not conveniently located. Which, if you know me, is a challenge. However, I was looking for more than mass production. I wanted intimacy, clarity, thoroughness, quality education and most of all I wanted to find a mentor. I needed to.
My friend assured me that I would fall in love with the instructor/owner, studio and the ashtanga practice. I learned the program was anatomy intensive and that hooked me! I needed something more than I learned in college and more than I’ve learned in workshops. As a bonus, the certification is Ashtanga Vinyasa specific. I had been dabbling in Ashtanga on my own and knew I gravitated toward the strict, powerful practice. I needed more guidance and this training seemed perfect. So, I applied.
To my delight, my application was reviewed and I was accepted into the program. I was stoked and grateful. Sara Turk, owner and instructor of Cherry Blossom Yoga, was going to be my new teacher. Now, she is helping to build my personal practice and push me to be a better instructor for my clients. For YOU.
The program started in June and moves all the way through November of 2015. Topics include Methodology, Anatomy & Physiology, Energetics, Philosophy, Sequencing, Psychology and Practicum. Now, it must be said that my instructor has her PhD in Anatomy so this material is legit. Eek! Seriously can’t contain my love for the body.
Another pro is that the class is intimate. There are a small number of students who ALL are going to serve as teachers to me, even if they don’t know it. The class is phenomenal and full of quality teachers who truly care about the practice, their neighbor and healing. I feel honored and humbled by this program.
So far I have had the opportunity to further research the anatomy of the knee, work on my sequencing, begin to build a workshop of my own and write a thesis. In addition to education, I am really pushing myself on the mat to build a better personal knowledge of the physical practice.
You may find it odd that I would dedicate so much time and money to the practice of yoga. I want you to know that I do this for so many reasons. It’s difficult for me to explain so I will just list they “why’s”.
To have a better understanding
To become stronger physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally
To gain peace of mind
To connect
To challenge myself
Me time
Stress relief
To serve my peers and clients
To serve the universe
To serve Christ
Prayer growth
To strengthen my relationships
To become a better teacher
Self care
To educate myself
To feed my passion
To relieve anxiety
To grow my business
To learn
To learn
To learn
In addition to everything mentioned above, I am also reading a lot of material and doing my research. I get to read books like “Being Peace,” “Moola Banda,” “The Bhagavad Gita” and “The Anatomy of Yoga”. It is my wish that by December, I will be a better teacher and hopefully a better human.
Just like everything else, my yoga journey is a work in progress. I am honored that you are here to travel this road with me. I am excited for what our future holds as teachers and students. I know I will always be a student, looking to learn more and looking to grow. Thank you for your patience with me. Thank you for your understanding. I look forward to sharing what I learn with you.

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