Namaste To Play

We just wanted to break down exactly what we mean at Yoga Athletex with our new catch phrase and hashtag, “Namaste To Play.” We came up with this about 6 months ago while we were brainstorming about the future of YAX, which that in itself has been consuming us for years… 7 to be exact. We are so excited to see YAX continue to grow and develop. Namaste to Play seemed absolutely perfect for what our goal and mission is. We believe what we are trying to accomplish with YAX can be summed up in these three words. Namaste – the yoga part, obviously. To Play – the part where you get back on the track, field or court to compete in your sport. Namaste To Play summed up just means we believe that through yoga, you can stay mobile, healthy and ready to play. Whether it’s a competitive sports team or a social adult sports team. We want to keep your body able and flexible, to keep you playing, and keep you moving. So, if you ever see us hashtag “Namaste To Play” or see it on one of our super sweet Yoga Athletex t-shirts, you now know why! It’s a great reminder to yourself of why you practice yoga and how the benefits truly effect the fun part of your life!

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