From my heart to yours

My Purpose

My purpose each day is driven by this big desire to save all female athletes from experiencing pain, injury, and being denied to play their sport of choice, because of physical limitations. It stems from all of those things affecting me at some point in my athletic journey.

My Journey

My journey started when I was little, but what molded me to do what I do now didn’t happen until my high school and college years, when injury and burnout set in. I believe sports are so important to play and they build character, but it is taxing on your body, nonetheless. Some of the hardest workers I know played sports and some of the best co-workers I’ve worked with, played team sports. As an athlete, you know what it’s like to support someone in their dreams and be supported in yours. There’s really nothing better than the relationships you form with your teammates.

I also know what it feels like to let your teammates down, because my body was unable or gave up on me. You never quit mentally, but at some point the doctor’s sit you down and ask you, “Do you want to be able to walk in 10 years and be able to pick up your future kids?” It’s a hard decision to make when you’re 19 years old, and all you want to do is play. Your teammates understand but still really need you. That moment when I was sitting in the training room was very impactful and very terrifying for me. I so badly wanted to play but I knew deep down that I shouldn’t. The pain was really too much and little did I know that the long term effects of overuse injuries would have on my life as an adult.

I wake up each morning wanting to educate and provide a better way to train for you, younger female athletes. I never want you to experience the disappointment, fear, or sadness that comes with injuries. I do know that injuries are inevitable being an athlete and I can’t put you in a bubble, but there are SO MANY things we have access to now that can help your bodies and minds while training at the elite level.

The best part is that it’s available now. It’s as simple as rolling out a yoga mat and stretching for 20 minutes. It’s as simple as listening to a 10 minute meditation. It’s as simple as 5 minutes of breathwork. And that’s why Patricia and I created this platform (Yoga Athletex) for you!

Competitive Sports

I loved my years of playing competitive team sports, like truly loved it. It was my passion, my dream, and it was what all my goals were centered around. I loved my teammates and the relationships I formed with each teammate, that I hold dear to my heart. I love the sport of volleyball itself and the fact that you can solely focus on one task of not letting the ball drop on your side of the net, for hours and hours and hours. How silly does that sound? But it’s true. And I love anyone who plays the game and has the same goals and dreams around playing their sport.

My love for you all who are currently playing burns bright in my soul. I so very badly want to protect each of you from injury and hardships and setbacks. I want you to take care of yourself and know how unbelievably amazing you are. I want you to believe in yourself and your teammates. I want you to above all else, respect yourself and respect your body.

Recovery Resources

The tools I have learned to create body awareness and self respect are available and I want to teach you ALL about them.

I want you to be able to speak up for yourself when you are truly in pain (not when you have a small pain or feel uncomfortable, you’re an athlete, a hard working athlete, first and foremost) and when you truly need help (either physically or mentally), I want you to know how to ask for it or where to find it.

I want you to know that I have done the research for you and can provide you the tools to empower you to know yourself better and know what you need. Not what everyone tells you, but what YOU need.

Being an athlete is a big sacrifice. It is not all about you. It is about the team. But you can’t give to others if you don’t fill up your cup first. Have you heard that phrase before? It’s super common, but it’s so true. You can’t be a good teammate if you don’t take care of yourself first.

As athletes, we need recovery in our training regime. This is not a luxury but a necessity. We need time for ourselves to process, we need time to re-focus. Being an athlete is so mental, and if we put our mental health on the back burner, it will implode.

My Wish

I want to help you get to a better understanding of who you are and what you need as an athlete… and better yet, who you are as a strong female. I want you to be able to perform at the best of your ability. I want to see you GROW – both mentally and physically. I want to see you flourish! I want to see you stand up for yourself and I want to see you love the sport and respect yourself.

I know I am meant to be that resource for you through this because I have been there and learned the hard way. I know I can help you because I care about you and love you. I know I am meant to teach recovery and “rest” techniques to you, because I have been burnt out and overcame it. I don’t want you to get to that place when I know your goals are bigger than that and if you do, I will help you get through it, with no judgement!

I love being an athlete, I love working on recovery, and I love being a part of your dreams and support you through them. I love working to instill confidence in you, so you can see yourself like everyone who loves you sees you…

You are a leader and a role model, and you deserve to take the best care of yourself! Because you only have one body. And I want you to love it now, so it will serve you well for your entire life.

All my love,


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