Push-Up Challenge

Build physical AND mental strength with the Push-Up Challenge!

Regularly doing push-ups builds strength in your upper body, core, and low back. It also supports bone health and improves posture.

However, one of the biggest benefits of doing push-ups is building mental strength (also called mental toughness). If you’re an athlete or high performer, you need mental toughness to continually improve and push your limits.

So get ready to put on your YAX tanks, get moving, and show off your guns!

The Challenge

Participate by saving our tracker calendar, you can either download it or screenshot it from our Instagram page. To get your number of push-ups for the day, multiply the number listed on the calendar by 10. If you miss a day, multiply the number on the calendar by 30. You can modify with incline or knees-down.

Cover each day you’ve completed with an emoji! Show us your progress on social media by tagging @yogaathletex #sunsoutgunsout

The Prize:The Yoga Athletex All Star Award


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