The January Challenge

Jumpstart January

It’s time to sweat out 2020 and jumpstart the new year!

To empower you to reach your goals in 2021, we are giving you one of the toughest challenges yet. If you can conquer this, you can conquer anything.

Some tips for sucess:

  • Find your motivation.
  • Create a routine (including time for rest).
  • Be determined and disciplined. Don’t make excuses.
  • Reward yourself for reaching milestones.

If you focus on making each day great, then day-by-day you’ll create a great year and crush your goals in 2021.

The Challenge

Starting January 1st, take 31 classes in 31 days (in-studio, livestream, or on-demand).

If you come into the studio, put a sticker up on the challenge board for each class you take!

Since this challenge is so tough, each winner will receive TWO prizes.

1. Winners will get a special treat for themselves (to be announced soon!)

2. Winners can give the gift of wellness to others (choose between the following 2 options to give to a friend or family member for FREE):

  • 20 Days of Unlimited In-Studio & Livestream Classes
  • 30 Days of YAX Online