Jump Rope Challenge

The Challenge:

Every day for 30 days (April 1-30), you will complete the amount of single jumps for speed that is announced by Yoga Athletex. The number of jumps announced for the day will be determined by a drawing done from 0-100. The number drawn will be multiplied  by 10. The answer will reflect how many single jumps you owe. For example if we draw a 39, you owe 390 jumps for the day. The amount of jumps can be split up but need to be completed in one single day, before you go to bed. If you don’t finish the number of jumps you start back at day 1. Can you make it to 30 days?


You can make up jumps if you miss a day.
Record days completed with an emoji over the day you completed and post it on social media. Yoga Athletex will provide the template. 
We will announce the number of jumps owed in advance, or the day before. 


Complete the challenge, win a mini yax swag bag.
Multiple people can win.

Jump Rope Tips:

This is about creating habit and doing it every day.
Modification: Line Hops

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