February Athlete of the Month

Each month the team at YAX selects a star athlete. This athlete truly embodies our core values with perseverance and accountability at the forefront. This February, Brandon showcased determination and effort and always does so with the best of attitudes. Read below about his journey at YAX.

How long have you been practicing/training at Yoga Athletex?

I started exercising at Yoga Athletex a little more than a year ago.

What benefits have you received since training at Yoga Athletex?

I have seen gains in my flexibility, stability, strength and conditioning. The trainers design exercises that have us working in multiple planes, so I feel prepared for any type of sport or activity.

What is your sport/activity outside of the studio?

I’m still competitive in golf through amateur events, but I like to be ready for any hiking or skiing trips that may come along too.

What is your favorite class at Yoga Athletex and why?

I love yoga for athletes where there’s a genuinely fun and relaxed atmosphere to practice. It’s also a lot of fun to get some competitive time in with my brother when he joins me for HIIT classes too. Some classes can bring back memories from training when we were kids which I always enjoy.

Any advice for new people trying out the studio?

Each day there are exciting classes in both the yoga studio and the HIIT gym designed to give you tools to push your practice. I love the yoga classes, and that’s where I started my training here. Yoga for athletes helped me gain additional stability, flexibility, and the confidence that I would not do any harm to myself through more explosive exercise. Lately, I’ve grown keen of the agility and strength benefits of HIIT in addition to the self-care and mindful motions in yoga practices. Both yoga and HIIT complement each other in order to keep your body healthy.