Athlete of the Month - Brenda B

Big shout out to our Athlete of the Month, Brenda! 

Here are Brenda’s Q&A: 

  1. How long have you been practicing/training at Yoga Athletex?  – Since May!
  2. What benefits have you received since training at Yoga Athletex? I love training at Yoga Athletex! The cross training always offers a new challenge and has generally just made me feel stronger.
  3. What is your sport/activity outside of the studio? Mainly running
  4. What is your favorite class at Yoga Athletex and why? I really enjoy all the classes but the HIIT 45 and Yoga for Athletes are probably my favorites. I like the variety of exercises and the total body workout of the HIIT 45 class and Yoga for Athletes is great for general strength and stretching.
  5. Any advice for new people trying out the studio? Try out as many classes as you can. There are so many great classes and teachers that you’ll get something out of all of them.

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