Anna takes 100!!

AnnaA little over a year ago, Mackenzie Dyer convinced me to come with her to one of my very first YAX classes. I remember having my butt kicked by what can only be described as a fun, intense workout, but I remember leaving feeling so excited at how much fun I’d had doing it! I came back to try some yoga with them for pretty much the first time ever, and I was hooked!
After those initial ones, I spent the entire summer going to as many classes as I could, and slowly the girl who was once nervous and insecure about working out turned into someone that felt confident and strong.
Now, 100 classes later, I’ve found a second home and some of the best friends you could hope for at Yoga Athletex. I could not be more grateful for Patricia Bomar, Kalynn Evans and the rest of the team at YAX for pushing me to be the best athlete (and the best person) I can be. Thank you for providing me with a safe space that has allowed me to grow, to fall down, to mess up, to fail, to escape my troubles, to push myself, to succeed, to laugh, to connect, and to love my body (as well as the art of using it) in ways that have made me feel stronger than ever. I love y’all for everything you and your amazing studio have brought into my life.
Here’s to the next 100!! <3