An Interview with Lauren

We have really enjoyed seeing Lauren grow as an athlete over the past several years. We are so proud of her for committing to further her athletic and academic career with UMHB! Below is a interview with Lauren on her experience at YAX…
YAX: Can you tell me a little about yourself (i.e., name, age, school, sport, etc.)?
Lauren: My name is Lauren and I am 18 years old. I will be attending the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor as a freshman this fall to study business and play volleyball.

YAX: Why do you choose to train and practice at Yoga Athletex?
Lauren: I choose to train at Yoga Athletex because they do things differently here. They not only care about making sure I’m getting stronger and faster to become a better athlete, but they also care about recovery, so I am able to perform my best on the court.

YAX: What has been your greatest achievement at Yoga Athletex?
Lauren: My greatest achievement has been increasing my vertical 3 inches in the past few months!

YAX: Tell me about a limitation you’ve struggled with but have overcome through training at Yoga Athletex?
Lauren: I’ve struggled with hip and shoulder flexibility, but by taking yoga and mobility classes I’ve become more flexible which will help me prevent injuries.

YAX: What is your favorite thing about Yoga Athletex?
Lauren: My favorite thing about Yoga Athletex is the community The trainers push me to do my best in the most encouraging way! I’ve also become friends with several other people in classes I take and we push each other to do our best, especially in tough workouts.

YAX: Why is Yoga Athletex programming different than other training programs?
Lauren: Yoga Athletex is different because they don’t just focus on becoming a better athlete through strength and speed, but they put an emphasis on flexibility and recovery for injury prevention. Being a good athlete doesn’t just mean being strong, but it also means being smart and taking care of your body so you can perform your best when it’s game time. Yoga Athletex helps me strengthen and take care of my body so I can be my best on the court.

YAX: What are you goals as an athlete?
Lauren: I just met my goal to play collegiate volleyball, so my next goal is to become a better athlete, physically and mentally, to help my team at UMHB win a NCAA DIII national championship!

YAX: What are your greatest strengths as an athlete?
Lauren: My greatest strength as an athlete is that I’m mentally tough and can push myself in high stress situations.

YAX: What are your weaknesses as an athlete?
Lauren: My weakness as an athlete is my physical strength. I did not take working out and training outside of volleyball seriously until about a year and a half ago. I have so much potential left and have seen my upper body strength and vertical increase while being at Yoga Athletex.

YAX: How did you hear about Yoga Athletex?
Lauren: I’ve played club volleyball at Skyline since 6th grade and had been put through team conditioning using other programs. Yoga Athletex came to Skyline 3 years ago and that is when I heard about them. When I decided to take strength and conditioning seriously I realized I really liked their training, so I became a member.