Take it from B

We have had the utmost pleasure of training a youth soccer athlete over the past several months. She brightens the entire studio upon her arrival, engages everyone in the room, encourages those around her and truly demonstrates what it means to put in the work. We asked her a few questions and this is what she has to say…
Meet Bradley:
YAX: Can you tell me a little about yourself (i.e., name, age, school, sport, etc.)?
B: My name is Bradley Redd and I am 14 years old. I’m an incoming Freshman at Trinity Classical School, and am a competitive club soccer player. I play goalkeeper for Challenge SC.

YAX: Why do you choose to train and practice at Yoga Athletex?
B: I choose to train at Yoga Athletex because of the people. People really do make a difference! Kalynn and Patricia, along with all of the other YAX coaches are phenomenal! They push me to become a better athlete mentally and physically! They build relationships and genuinely care about me and my progress as a competitive athlete.

YAX: What has been your greatest achievement at Yoga Athletex?
B: My greatest achievement at Yoga Athletex is definitely increasing my vertical jump by 3 inches in just a month and a half!

YAX: Tell me about a limitation you’ve struggled with but have overcome through training at Yoga Athletex?
B: A limitation that I have struggled with but have overcome thanks to Yoga Athletex was mentally not thinking I was good enough; thinking that I was never going to succeed as a club soccer player or as an athlete in general. Training at Yoga Athletex has made me realize that I am capable of reaching my goals through hard work and determination!

YAX: What is your favorite thing about Yoga Athletex?
B: My favorite thing about Yoga Athletex is their philosophy, which is to help athletes train without pain. Another one of my favorite things about the company, is one of the reasons Kalynn and Patricia started Yoga Athletex. In a blog post it was said that if they could prevent just ONE girl or guy from having to deal with the heartbreak of injury, they would do everything in their power to make that happen. That just goes to show how much we are cared about!

YAX: Why is Yoga Athletex programming different than other training programs?
B: The program at Yoga Athletex is different than others because of the emphasis put on stretching, listening to our bodies, and understating that being an athlete isn’t just being strong physically but also mentally. The classes help us move with ease while being taught proper exercise to help prevent injury.

YAX: What are you goals as an athlete?
B: My goal as an athlete is to further my soccer career into the collegiate level, and also to be mentally strong so I can at least attempt to successfully handle whatever life throws at me.

YAX: What are your greatest strengths as an athlete?
B: My greatest strengths as athlete is that I can push myself very hard, I can take a lot. Also when I step onto the soccer field I mentally switch on. I focus on the game and what needs to be done. Through this mental switch I am able to handle high pressure situations to help my team succeed.

YAX: What are your weaknesses as an athlete?
B: My weakness as an Athlete is how competitive I get. I am constantly comparing myself to other athletes, specifically soccer players, and tend to get frustrated with myself if I’m not on top.

YAX: How did you hear about Yoga Athletex?
B: While supporting some friends downstairs at a volleyball tournament I noticed the Yoga Athletex sign. At the time I was looking for a training program to help me set myself apart from the competition. After looking up YAX online and seeing that they had a hops class I immediately went and tried my first class. I absolutely loved it! The class was exactly what I was looking for. I Signed up and became a member that night and the rest is history!


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: As an incoming high school freshman, Bradley scored #47 out of 850 female athletes during her fitness testing. She has one of the fastest arrow tests, 20 and 40 yard sprints in the whole club, (Challenge Soccer). And of course, her vertical is pretty darn high! Bradley is now ranking #2 Goal Keeper in the entire club. Results don’t lie, folks. She puts in the work every day at YAX! And, we love her for it. Way to go, B!