Anatomy 101 - The Breath

We talk alot about breath at YAX, so I wanted to tap in to all the muscles used to achieve a powerful and controlled breath. In my classes, I ask you to evaluate your breath. Is it shallow or deep? Slow or fast? Where do you breathe from? Where do you send your breath? Most of us breathe unconsciously so this can be difficult to acknowledge.

Breathing is part of the autonomic nervous system, which tells our organs (i.e., diaphragm and lungs) to function without conscious control. This autonomic nervous system also regulates digestion and circulation. Even though breathing is achieved unconsciously, if we can force a mindful and controlled breath, we can transform not only our practice but our well being. For example, you here me cue the belly breath or deep thoracic breath. This belly breath creates a larger capacity to take deeper, longer breaths. In turn, this leads us to tune in to the core where all the muscles exist, such as the scalenes, pectoralis major, external intercostals, internal intercostals, serratus anterior and diaphragm. Finally, there’s an energetic shift that happens when we’re able to control the breath. You may start to not only breathe in air but move energy throughout your body. When this is achieved, magic happens.

Get on your mat with us daily to see what this belly breath is all about. Book a class here!
Namaste to play,
Patricia B.

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