Are you breathing functionally?

Most people have some sort of dysfunctional breathing pattern that they are unaware of. It can destabilize your trunk, cause loss in mobility, lower movement efficiency, and reduce force potential.

As infants, we generally begin breathing appropriately. We have slow breathing patterns that originate from the belly. We take “deep, belly breaths” in and out through our nose. It’s obvious that we don’t actually get oxygen from our stomachs, but when we are in a relaxed, calm state we use the force of our stomach to expand our diaphragm and encourage more oxygen to move through the lungs and blood.

As we age and experience more environmental stressors, our breath becomes shorter and more labored. That “deep, belly breath” begins to disappear and we take quick breaths from the chest and mouth. So even though we may still be breathing without trying, those breathing patterns aren’t serving our other systems optimally. This is why it becomes necessary for us to regulate our own breathing patterns.

Breathwork is an essential tool for athletes.

Functional breathing means breathing appropriately for your current state of metabolic demand. But, what does that mean exactly?

Your metabolic demand depends on the intensity of your training. During a warm-up there is a low state of metabolic demand and you might not even think about the breath. But mid-game, such as after a full 3 minute rally, there is a really high state of metabolic demand. As the metabolic state changes, so should the breathing pattern.

This is where Breathwork comes in. It provides oxygen to muscles to aid in recovery, creates mental clarity to make good decisions, calms the nervous system, and helps control response to stress.

As an athlete, Breathwork can take your game to the next level!

Check out all the on-demand Breathwork practices we have available for you on YAX Online.

Breathwork Practices

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Practice to perform.

Just like you practice your sport each week to perform during a game, you should also practice Breathwork.

A Breathwork practice will teach you to warm up your respiratory muscles, control your breath, increase your tolerance to CO2, respond better to stress, and increase mental clarity.

When you breathe functionally, the breath becomes a powerful tool to reset the body and mind, especially when you need it most.
Check out all the on-demand Breathwork practices we have available for you!

Here are some examples of what you will find on YAX Online:

  • Mental Control
  • Practice Readiness
  • Down Regulation
  • Pre-Workout
  • Post-Workout

Breathwork Practices

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