From a Males Perspective… Testimonials from ChrisMan.

We asked one of our yogis, Chris, to give us a little insight in what yoga has done for him this past year. Chris started yoga with us in the park back in June 2014. He is a soccer player and naturally athletic. His growth and dedication to yoga is very inspiring. He’s like the poster child you want on your team if you are a coach, very willing and very coachable. We have really loved teaching him this year and really enjoyed seeing his huge progress in his practice. All you men take note, you might be interested in trying yoga after hearing this….
I never thought I would be writing about how much yoga does for me in life, because I never thought I would get into yoga. Over the years, numerous people have suggested trying yoga but I didn’t think it was for me. My wife has done it for years and it took a combination of her asking me to join and a couple of good friends starting a yoga class to finally get me to try it out, and I’m not looking back!
I started playing sports as soon as I could walk, playing everything I could as I grew up. Now that I’m over 30 I still enjoy playing just about anything my body will let me, especially soccer. But over the past 10 years my body has been fighting back! With injuries such as a torn ACL, torn Hamstrings, torn quad, a few sprained ankles and many more I was starting to think it was all downhill from here. Yoga Athletex changed that.
Stretching before soccer was never something I looked forward to until I started classes with Yoga Athletex! I started yoga in the park last year and noticed I was feeling better, moving better and recovering quicker than before.  I now find myself doing yoga poses on the sideline instead of the stretching I was taught growing up. They deepen each stretch, demand more from each muscle and are fun to do!
I had never done yoga before but Patricia and Kalynn made me feel comfortable in trying something new. Yoga can be difficult and uncomfortable at times, especially for a 30 year old beginner. Kalynn and Patricia are very patient and do extremely well with helping you understand not only how to do a pose but where you should be feeling it and what you will get out of each one.
Thanks to Yoga Athletex I am feeling better every day. I am releasing stress I never thought was there. I feel better on the soccer field and my game has improved greatly after practicing with Yoga Athletex. I am now one of “those people” that preach the benefits of yoga to friends, family, teammates or anyone interested in listening!