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We are so excited to be able to share some stories about our clients this year! We have asked some of our clients to start giving us some insight into their yoga lives and what it has done for them. Also we like to see how Yoga Athletex in particular has impacted their lives so all of you out there who are hesitant in starting yoga with us, can have some real life understanding of what is actually going on in that cross fit gym!
Stephanie aka Brownie (her insta name), who has been with us since Day 1, gives us some insight on her personal yoga journey through our fun Q&A. We have loved getting to know Stephanie and seeing her excel throughout her yoga practice. She is so eager and willing to push herself beyond limits. We love her passion and contagious positive attitude each and every day we see her. So now we give you…. Brownie!
What prompted you to sign up with Yoga Athletex (YAX)?
I was so nervous about joining the program. What if I couldn’t do the poses?  What do I wear?  Is everyone going to be looking at me? What if I fall? What is offered at YAX is just what I was looking for.  I needed a beginner’s course that would teach me the basics of Yoga. Joining YAX has been one the best decision’s I’ve made.
What made you choose yoga based work outs as your method of fitness?
Several years ago, I wrote a list of things I wanted to do before I turned 50 (which is soon approaching), and one of those things is to become passionate about a cause.  Over the past year, I have been extremely passionate about not only my health and overall well-being, but for others to be well too.  So what better cause is there to fight for than your health? And if I’m not healthy, how can I get others to be passionate about being healthy?
I have tried several fitness programs, and have also been a victim to the latest infomercials that just didn’t work for me. For several months, I researched a ton of workouts and found the perfect method of fitness…YOGA.  I was a bit cautious, as I thought, there is no way I can twist these old, creakily bones, while standing on one foot. But passion will take over you!
In my research, I learned that practicing yoga will not only assist with weight loss, it will relieve stress and help prevent and treat a range of ailments (my ailments being infertility and Thyroid Disorder).  Yoga benefits the body, mind, and spirit by teaching self-control through a series of postures and exercises.  It will also help with breathing, relaxation, and meditation.
What made you develop a relationship with YAX?
Patricia and Kalynn exceeded my expectation of a Yoga trainer. They are very personable and mostly importantly passionate about yoga.
What is your favorite part about your hour long session with YAX?
I absolutely love attending my session with YAX.  I look forward to stretching and strengthening each part of my body.  I especially love when we learn new poses.
Do you notice an improvement in your physical, mental and spiritual self after working with YAX?
Each class gets so much easier. I have learned to be more cautious of my posture and breathing.  I am more focused and relaxed during the day and I am fulfilling my goal of overall well-being.
How likely are you to continue your session with YAX?
As long as there is Yoga Athletex, I will continue my session indefinitely.

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