We’re so excited to tell you all about our new Yoga Coaching Course! Please watch the video to learn more. If you have any questions afterwards, send us an email at hello@yogaathletex.com and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Info Session

Yoga Coaching Course

About the Yoga Coaching Course

The Yoga Coaching Course, also known as the Yoga for Athletes Course, includes 5 hours of videos and a 60 page handbook – all available through YAX Online.

This course is for you if you are:⁠

  • a coach, fitness instructor, or personal trainer who wants to provide recovery techniques to athletes
  • a yoga instructor who wants to teach athletes

You’ll learn:

  • The Optimal Performance Training Model and the Long Term Athletic Development Model (and how they relate to yoga and training)
  • The 7 functional movement protocols for screening and assessing your students
  • Flexibility in-depth and the difference between stretching and yoga for stabilization and mobility
  • How to practice and administer performance breathwork techniques

No matter what your athletic or yoga experience is, this course will give you a better understanding of the importance of yoga and how to apply it to the athletes you currently work with.

Info Session

Yoga Coaching Course

Course Outline

A. Introduction

  • Welcome
  • Meet the Instructors
  • What is Yoga for Athletes?
  • Course Objectives
  • Quiz

B. Athletes

  • Athletes 101
  • Benefits of Yoga for Athletes
  • Class: Yoga Recovery – Full Body

C. How & When to Incorporate Yoga

  • The LTAD model
  • The OPT model
  • Quiz

D. The Science of Stretching

  • Behavioral Properties of Muscles
  • Soft Tissue Biomechanics
  • The Stretch Reflex
  • Integrated Flexibility Continuum
  • 4 Types of Stretching
  • Quiz
  • Class: Yoga Dynamic – Full Body

E. Training and movement patterns

  • FMS
  • Additional assessments
  • Common Injuries
  • Quiz
  • Class: Yoga Restorative – Rest

F. Meditation & Visualization

  • Visualization
  • Meditation Practices

G. Breathwork

  • Benefits
  • Oxygen Efficiency Breathwork Tests
  • Different Types of Breathing Exercises
  • Box Breathing
  • Down Shift
  • Next Steps with Breathwork

F. Programming

  • Framework
  • Periodization Schedule & Types of Yoga
  • Class: SMR – Upper Back
  • Sport-Specific Postures
  • Quiz

I. Closing & Next Steps

Yoga Coaching Course


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