Calling all athletes! It’s time to circle back with your FMS screen. Do you remember your last score? Were you diligent with your corrective exercises? Did you see improvement? Feel better? Wish you would’ve done it differently?

Now’s your chance to either continue improving or give it a better shot. FMS screens should be done continuously until you are moving optimally in all facets of biomechanics.

Whatever sport you play, we want to make sure you are prepared and in it for the long haul. No matter where you are in your season, it’s never too late to take care of your body. Your body is the machine that fuels your athleticism. Make sure you are taking care of it.

Don’t forget about the breath! A Breathwork Screen is used to identify dysfunction in breathing patterns, which directly affects movement and performance. Combining a breathing screen with a movement screen can really give you that extra edge you are looking for this time around.

Let’s hit the reset button this month and start moving optimally – in the green.

Schedule an FMS screen!

Commit to moving optimally.

The nature of sport requires an athlete to maintain a high level of physical and mental ability for peak performance. Just like training takes consistency, so does recovery. FMS is a recovery tool to help you move optimally and to improve your overall health.

Because you’ve already done an FMS screen, you are ahead of the game. Moving forward and improving your performance starts with commitment and ends with diligence. Let us fill in the middle with your new corrective exercise plan.

Schedule your next screen to see how you’ve progressed – or regressed.


Pricing includes initial assessment, follow-up session to review program, and a personalized 4-week corrective exercise program.

  • Movement: $160
  • Movement + Breathwork: $220

If you are local to Houston, TX, we come to your home/facility!

Schedule an FMS screen!


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