Functional Movement Screen

Are you prepared for the long haul playing your sport? Your body is the machine that fuels your athleticism. Make sure you are taking care of it. It’s time to give it a tune-up.

A Functional Movement System (FMS) screen evaluates movements that relate to everything done on the field/court. It assess mobility, stability and injury potential. It identifies limitations and imbalances – some you might not even be aware of! Correcting these will decrease your chances of injury, improve your coordination, and increase your performance.

Don’t forget about the breath! A breathwork screen is used to identify dysfunction in breathing patterns, which directly affects movement and performance. Combining a breathwork screen with a movement screen is essential to get you moving at your best!

How it Works

If you don’t have any injuries, you can complete a screen anytime during your season. If you have been injured, you can complete a screen right after you’ve been cleared and have finished injury rehab in order to see how your body is functioning and get you back to moving well.

The actual screening should take less than an hour. We will move you through the 7 movement patterns to be evaluated. Afterwards, you’ll receive a detailed report outlining movement notes, exercises to avoid, and a personalized 4-week corrective exercise program. You’ll also gain access to the official FMS portal with detailed program descriptions, videos, and more.

After diligently completing your 4-week program, it is suggested to perform a re-screen to evaluate improvements. From there we can build onto your program – away from corrective exercise and toward performance exercise.


Pricing includes initial assessment, follow-up session to review program, and a personalized 4-week corrective exercise program.

  • Movement: $160
  • Movement + Breathwork: $220

If you are local to Houston, TX, we come to your home/facility!

Schedule an FMS screen!

Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise leverages an understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics to fix movement compensations/imbalances and to improve the overall quality of movement during training, playing, and in everyday life. It can also improve issues with posture, balance, and total body coordination.

When we build your individualized program, we create a plan to safely improve your performance through strength and conditioning and lots of yoga. One of the things we love about corrective exercise is how similar it is to yoga. In fact, we incorporate a lot of corrective exercises into our yoga programming on YAX Online.

So, even if you don’t complete an FMS screen and get a personalized plan, you can still increase your performance and decrease your injury potential by taking advantage of all the on-demand yoga available through YAX Online.

This is your opportunity to get ahead of the competition by implementing corrective exercise to encourage mobility, injury prehab, and imbalance correction.

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