“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson

We all know consistency is the key to success. If you want to gain the benefits of recovery, you can’t just do it when you remember or when you feel like it. Planning is the only way to see real results. If you take time to create a plan for your recovery and commit to it, you’ll be able to reach those big goals you’re striving for.

You deserve to recover!

We know you’re busy and exhausted. You’re constantly being pulled in lots of directions. You don’t want to waste your time and everything you do needs to count.

Well, recovery counts! You deserve a physical and mental break. It’s not being lazy, it’s being productive. Even doing just 20 minutes of yoga a few times per week can make a big impact on your health and your game.

Benefits include:

  • Decreased risk of injury
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Improved mental health
  • Increased range of motion
  • Better performance

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How to make consistency easy.

Trying to incorporate and stick to new habits can be incredibly difficult, especially when you already have so much on your plate.

An easy way to create a simple recovery plan is to add recovery to activities that you already do. For instance, if you have practice, plan to do a short on-demand Yoga Recovery class right afterwards. This will allow you to integrate recovery into your current training schedule in a way that isn’t random and doesn’t feel overwhelming.


After Practice: Yoga Cool-Down
This quick lower body sequence will have you feeling stretched, relaxed, and focused after practice or a game.

After a Workout: Breathwork
This practice is great right after a workout or game to downshift your breathing from high intensity to a calm state.

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YAX Online 7-day free trial

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