An athlete’s yoga practice should change according to the athletic season, just like their training regimen does.

During the pre-season, athletes are in preparation mode. Practice times increase and training intensifies. The focus during this period should be on building a solid foundation of strength and stability.

With yoga, athletes should work on maintaining a consistent, dynamic flexibility practice in order to build strength around the joints, prevent injury, and improve stabilization. Yes, yoga is about increasing flexibility, but it also is very effective at helping build strength safely.

Dynamic yoga, or Vinyasa, should not be “power flow” for elite, competitive athletes. It should be a mindful flow that teaches how to maintain control of the breath, build determination, and intensify the yoga practice. Standing postures, warrior sequences, and sun salutations may be included to keep the body moving, build heat, and increase strength.

It only takes 20-30 minutes each week of athlete-appropriate dynamic yoga to start seeing the benefits. Athletes will move better and recover faster, so they can go back to practice the next day stronger and more refreshed!

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Yoga by Season


Athletes should focus on maintaining a dynamic flexibility practice and building strength around the joints for injury prevention and stabilization.


Athletes are participating in intense work on the court/field, so they should focus on maintaining flexibility with a consistent but mellow yoga practice.


Athletes should improve focus by practicing breathwork and minimal yoga, as well as meditating to visualize success.


Athletes should work on light training, strength building, increasing ROM, injury rehab, and improving limitations/imbalances with functional movement screening, corrective exercise, and yoga.

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