For every sport, there is an ending. When that ending is temporary, we consider it the off-season. There may not be games or tournaments but it’s certainly not a time to just lie on the couch eating your favorite potato chips. Off-season training is essential to returning to the court/field healthy and performing optimally. It’s a time to focus on what will give you the competitive advantage for your next season.

Generally speaking, there are two types of off-season athletes. Those that are completely healthy and those that need to recover or repair an injury.

If you are an athlete who feels completely healthy and has no limitations given by a medical professional, then the world is your oyster. You can continue to do your light training in the gym and pick any style of yoga to practice. If you’re looking for something more challenging and vigorous, go with a Yoga Dynamic class. Or if you want to take it easy after a lifting session or on an off day, go with a Yoga Recovery class. It all works! Off-season is the time for exploration.

If you are an athlete who has unfortunately suffered injury during the season, first listen to your doctors. Once you’ve been cleared, we highly recommend incorporating Functional Movement System protocols in addition to some Yoga Recovery. These tools will get you back to the playing field in a safe, more timely manner.

Off-season is also a great time to explore Breathwork and Meditation, no matter your physical state. There’s rarely an excuse to not work your respiratory muscles and mind. Practice these techniques and you’ll be more resilient than your competition during the season.

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Yoga by Season


Athletes should focus on maintaining a dynamic flexibility practice and building strength around the joints for injury prevention and stabilization.


Athletes are participating in intense work on the court/field, so they should focus on maintaining flexibility with a consistent but mellow yoga practice.


Athletes should improve focus by practicing breathwork and minimal yoga, as well as meditating to visualize success.


Athletes should work on light training, strength building, increasing ROM, injury rehab, and improving limitations/imbalances with functional movement screening, corrective exercise, and yoga.

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