All athletes, no matter the sport, have a training program that changes throughout the year. There is a base period (pre-season), a build period (in-season), a peak/competitive period (post-season), and an off period (off-season).

Strength, agility, and plyometrics should all be included in sport-performance training. As a complement, yoga should be included as a recovery tool to improve flexibility, decrease chance of injury, reduce fatigue, and help keep the mind sharp. However, just like your training regimen changes throughout the year, so should your yoga practice.

In other words, if you’re not practicing season specific yoga, you could be undermining your training program as well as not taking full advantage of the benefits yoga has to offer. With our annual programming, you’ll be sure to practice the appropriate yoga throughout the year.

Yoga by Season


Athletes should focus on maintaining a dynamic flexibility practice and building strength around the joints for injury prevention and stabilization.


Athletes are participating in intense work on the court/field, so they should focus on maintaining flexibility with a consistent but mellow yoga practice.


Athletes should improve focus by practicing breathwork and minimal yoga, as well as meditating to visualize success.


Athletes should work on light training, strength building, increasing ROM, injury rehab, and improving limitations/imbalances with functional movement screening, corrective exercise, and yoga.

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