The December Challenge

Work Hard, Rest Hard

Rest is an essential part of being a healthy athlete or active person. It reduces fatigue, decreases stress, boosts performance, and helps keep the mind sharp.

So this December, as you’re working hard towards your goals, we challenge you to also prioritize rest.

The Challenge


Starting December 1st, take 12 classes (in-studio, livestream, or on-demand) before Christmas.

If you come into the studio, add a link to the paper chain on the Christmas tree for each class you take!


Starting December 13th, take a 5-minute break with restorative yoga every day for 12 days – aka “The 12 Days of Restorative Yoga.”

Each day we will feature a restorative yoga pose with a 5-minute video. This series will be posted on social media and the on-demand portal!


Win by taking 12 classes AND by doing the 12 days of restorative yoga. Winners get $12 off retail!

The Benefits of Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga uses props and long held poses to support the body, allowing it to open up and relax. It calms the nervous system, slows down the breath, reduces stress, and increases clarity.

Need props?

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  • 1 Bloster (Manduka)
  • 2 Foam Blocks (Manduka)
  • 1 Mexican Blanket
  • 1 Restorative Yoga Booklet (PDF download)

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