Christmas Flow

Here’s a little flow that will allow you to reset and recharge for all your holiday festivities!
Roll out your mat!
Start seated in a cross legged position.
Begin your deep belly breathing (or ujayii breath).
Inhale through the nose for 4 counts. Exhale through the nose for 4 counts.
Child’s Pose – 5 breaths
Down Dog – 5 breaths
Repeat Child’s Pose/Down Dog Variation 5 times
Come to standing and take 5 deep breaths in each of the following poses:
Rag Doll – Fold Forward, Back Flat, Slight Bend in Knees, Grab Opposite Elbows
Christmas Tree Pose – Balance on one standing leg. place opposite foot at ankle, calf or groin. Alternate legs. Balance on a block if you have one!
Come to your belly
Cobra Pose – Legs together, hands under shoulders, elbows squeezed tight, lift upper body using your low back only
Airplane Pose – Arms out by your side, legs together, lift head, neck, shoulders, chest, thighs, & feet off the ground
Come to seated
Bound Angle Pose (Butterfly) – Place bottoms of feet together at groin, knees facing out.
Cow Face Pose – Left knee bent, right leg over left. Knees stacked on top of each other. Heels work toward hips. Repeat on opposite side. (Modification – Thread the Needle)
Bear Hug – Lay all the way down on your back, bring knees into chest, grab opposite elbows.
Legs up the Wall – Stay for 5 minutes!
Savasana – Stay for 5 minutes!
Namaste 🙂