Athlete Development: Stage 1

Early Childhood Development
Yoga is a wonderful mind/body movement and breathing practice tool that offers children the discipline to:
Enhance concentration and manage health conditions
Accept and express emotions appropriately
Increase physical activity and prepare them for recreational and competitive sports
Develop Coping Strategies
Develop relaxation techniques
Increase healthy response to stress
Prepare them for critical incidents
Controlled Play
At this stage (1), we are creating an environment that lays a solid foundation for controlled play. It is crucial for our children to learn the disciplines of athletics early on. We focus on personal space, moving with control and using the breath to direct emotions. This platform will prepare our children with the proper tools to grow as a student or a student athlete. Our activities allow the children to have fun with movement and build an understanding of balance and control. We build focus with our breath which easily translates to academics and one day, the court or field.
Self Confidence
Positive body image and self confidence are pertinent at this age. It is our job to create a positive mindset for each child. They are able to do this every time they step on the mat. Our guided meditations and vocabulary will provide the children with a sound interpretation of their place in this world.
Anxiety Reduction
1 in 8 children suffer from anxiety disorders. The stressors of this western world we live in can create a build up in stress hormones. Our practice is the first step to reducing these stress hormones.
Research shows that untreated children with an anxiety disorder are at higher risk to perform poorly in school, miss out on important social experiences, and engage in substance abuse later in life. Anxiety disorders also often co-occur with other disorders like depression, eating disorders and ADHD.
“Despite the conveniences of the modern world, kids don’t necessarily have it as easy as we might think. With obesity on the rise, increasing school workloads and other demands of extracurricular activities, many children are unhealthy and stressed out as a result. Many schools and other community programs have already begun implementing yoga classes to youngsters, noting myriad positive effects that the practice has on these fast-developing bodies and minds. Yoga helps kids become more aware of their bodies through healthy movement, while increasing their confidence and allowing them to feel part of a nourishing, non-competitive group. They’ll also learn to manage their everyday stress through breathing and meditation. Not to mention, yoga will also serve an opportunity to disengage from constant attachment to electronic devices.” – Andrea Rice of MindBodyGreen
“Yoga Athletex (YAX) teaches at Messiah Lutheran ECC! The children LOVE Ms. Patricia. She has geared her program towards getting our kiddos active and most importantly they have a BLAST!! YAX has been a GREAT addition to our extra curricular activity program!”
– Stacey Viviano
(Director, Messiah Lutheran Early Childhood Center)