Skill Building

Yoga is a wonderful mind/body movement and breathing practice tool that offers pre-adolescent children the discipline to build sport skills and on Level I Development by:

  • Taking Controlled Play to the next level
  • Continuing to positively increase Self Confidence
  • Encouraging Emotional Control
  • Assisting neuromuscular-development
  • Promoting development of the vestibular system
  • Encouraging midline crossing motions; motor development on both sides of the body
  • Increasing balance, body awareness and coordination


At Stage 2, children are sampling sports and learning fundamental skills that will allow them to train properly. Participating in a variety of sports allows children to really find a passion on a particular court or field. Structured activities develop movement and overall motor skills. They begin to mindfully work on agility, balance and coordination. Nevertheless, it’s all about having fun at this stage and building a healthy passion for play.

After a growth spurt and developing a wide range of skills, things can begin to get competitive. Competition is great. It’s what drives us to be successful. In order to stay competitive and get a leg up on the contender, things can spiral out of control. If schedules are not properly balanced, the likelihood of injury and burnout will increase.

This is where our yoga program comes in. We provide youth with the proper tools to help mentally balance all the requirements of academics and athletics, whether recreational or competitive. We create a platform that encourages positive body image and positive play, or healthy competition.

It is also crucial at this stage to have proper conditioning and a solid yoga practice to prevent injury and provide an alternative outlet for those students that will not continue athletics throughout high school.

Our program can be utilized as a sport training program or simply a means to stay healthy during adolescence. The mat can provide a safe space for our children as they experience pubescent change, social issues and critical incidents.

“Over the summer my nine year old told me she was apprehensive about an upcoming event so she did some yoga when she woke up and it helped her with her day! I was so impressed by her and so thankful that Patricia (Yoga Athletex Owner) has introduced Yoga by teaching yoga skills, focus and mindful reflection. It has inspired confidence & self-regulation while teaching gratitude and optimism. Thank you so much Patricia for giving them the gift of Yoga. I can see that it will be a part of their lives forever.”
– Shekara Harris (Yoga Athletex Parent)

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