Patricia Bomar & Kalynn Evans, founders of Yoga Athletex, have extensive experience in the sport industry. As former athletes and certified instructors, they are able to provide a program specifically used to support an athletic program. Their application of yoga is very sport specific and includes an athlete’s mindset, which puts them ahead of the curve.

They are able to offer yoga based techniques to increase sport performance, flexibility, and balance. In addition, they are very mindful of injury prevention and rehabilitation. Having suffered many injuries due to sport specific training, they bring an extra edge of understanding and experience to the training field.

Yoga & Training

Yoga is not simply stretching, but activating the muscles properly and mindfully. Our athletes feel better by incorporating the following practices into their training.

  • Fascia Release
  • Restoring Alignment
  • Extended Range of Motion and Joint Stabilization
  • Building Core Strength
  • Enhancing Focus and Balance
  • Improving Muscle Function
  • Sharpening Mental Capacity
  • Reducing Stress
  • Increasing Lung Capacity with Breathing Techniques
  • Pelvic Function and Hip Mobility
  • Scapular and Spine Stability

Imbalance Correction

There are so many benefits to incorporating yoga into your training routine. One of the major benefits we like to focus on is imbalance correction. It is common for athletes to dominate one side of their body or get in to the habit of moving a specific way and encouraging poor posture. We focus on correcting imbalances in the spine brought on by sport specific movements. We are here to offer balance to the athlete’s practice, game and every day life. Increasing body awareness and stabilizing proper alignment will increase the foundation for injury prevention. We are incorporating movements that will not only offer strength and conditioning but flexibility and range of motion that can be taken from the mat, to the court, to the athlete’s personal lifestyle.

Mental Benefits

Aside from physical benefit, our practice also introduces a mental capacity to focus, breathe and perform to your greatest potential. The techniques used by Yoga Athletex will increase self awareness, clarity and avoid frustration and stress. This is effective when translating to the court, allowing the athlete to focus on the task at hand and reading the opponent. Strengthening the mind and body connection is key for increased performance. Neuromuscular function allows better control for ball handling and foot work. Mental clarity, when used with movement is where top athletes are made.

Rest & Sleep

In addition to increased performance on the court, our techniques translate to better rest periods and sleep. Because all yoga practices can be utilized off the court, our athletes will have better grades, behavior and sleep patterns.

Private & Team Sessions

Our integrated sports-performance training focuses on multiplanar training (sagittal, frontal, transverse), while activating the entire spectrum of muscle contraction (eccentric, isometric, and concentric) using multiple modalities (free weights, dumbbells, tubing, medicine balls, etc).

Training will incorporate flexibility, core balance, plyometric, speed, agility, quickness, integrated resistance training, and sport-specific conditioning to efficiently and effectively prepare for optimal performance and injury prevention.

Exercise selections will be safe, challenging, progressive, systematic, proprioceptively enriched, and activity specific.

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