Transform the Way You Train


Athlete performance and wellbeing made easy with sport-specific recovery.

Progress without Pain 

Athletes should progress safely. We use techniques that help athletes to work their hardest without overtraining – building stabilization, endurance, strength, and power.

Move better, longer

All athletes are at risk for injuries. We incorporate Functional Movement Screening to identify and correct imbalances, keeping athletes healthy and playing their sport.

Recover & Find Balance

Recovery is essential for athletes to release tension, increase ROM, increase oxygen efficiency, ease the mind, and balance out the physical demands and mental stress of the gym/court/field.

We Love Supporting Athletes & Coaches

We are Patricia and Kalynn (sisters, athletes, co-founders). We started Yoga Athletex in 2013 to transform the way athletes train. Our goal is to increase the longevity of their careers and improve their athletic performance while decreasing their chance of injury and mental health concerns.

Our greatest joy and biggest passion is to support athletes in their development. We’re here to help athletes reach their goals and to partner with coaches to get their teams ahead of the competition.

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Our Services

A Functional Movement Screen is used to identify and correct imbalances and asymmetries, helping athletes to prevent injury and improve performance.

Want to win more? Want to increase your vertical? Get your game to the next level through personalized, well-rounded, sport-specific private training and recovery. We come to your facility!

Sport-specific recovery (including yoga, breathwork, meditation, and SMR) categorized by athletic season. Discounts available for teams!

Free Resources

Learn more about how sport-specific recovery can benefit athletes!

We have PDFs and webinars available to download for free. Check out all the educational material to get started.

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YAX Online features 200+ videos of recovery methods such as yoga, breathwork, mediation, SMR, and more – all designed to improve performance, decrease injury, and increase playing time. Just select your sport, choose the athletic season, and hit play!