Mona Rio Testimonial

“I came across the Yoga Athletex online program as a result of the COVID quarantine situation. I have two young athletes who had school, sports, and time with friends shut down instantly. They found it to be a comprehensive and accessible way to continue their training when other options were no longer available. I am consistent when it comes to my own fitness routine and look to it for physical and mental well-being. Having access to a variety of classes was a huge factor in being able to keep my workouts varied and interesting. This helped me to be consistent and keep some semblance of sanity during that time.

As we became more comfortable with the online format, we delved into some of the mental conditioning and meditation. As a parent, I try to be cognizant of what I’m teaching my daughters that will help them for their entire lives. Taking care of your body, being competitive, and pushing toward goals are incredibly important and widely understood benefits of youth sports.

What sets Yoga Athletex apart for me is the consideration that is given to the recovery and mental side of training.  My 15-year-old daughter has grown not only in her physical athletic abilities, but her mentality and body awareness as well. She has developed athletic skill sets that are oftentimes brushed aside (understanding that quality is more important than quantity, etc). And most remarkable to me, I’ve found her using breathwork and meditation to help her through difficult situations, whether it’s a situation on the court or in the classroom. The transference of those lessons into a wider variety of situations is solely because of the dedication, attention to detail, and expertise of the trainers at Yoga Athletex.

So much of what we put our young athletes through is challenging and trying. But having a resource like Yoga Athletex that is fully supportive and encouraging gives dedicated athletes the opportunity to recharge and refocus in order to make greater progress.”

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