What is resilience?

When you think of someone who is resilient, what characteristics and thoughts come to mind?

  • Just do it
  • Can do attitude
  • Controlled responses
  • Keep calm under pressure
  • Don’t be weak
  • Just keep going

When you think about how you handle stressful situations, what comes to mind? 

The term resilience means: “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness”

Training the mind

Becoming mentally resilient takes practice. It’s not something that you just have. You have to train yourself to be resilient and constantly work on it. Your attitude towards change and the unknown is the first step. What is your attitude when a big change walks into your life? Do you handle it with grace and ease or do you freak out completely and stress out everyone else around you? Now before you start harping on yourself for not being perfect, just stop. There is no one right way to handle any situation. They are all different and they are always changing. Now, just think, how do you want to be able to handle those situations?

We need tools to help us get to our resilient state of mind. We need support from other and we need accountability. Meditation helps to slow down our racing thoughts. Meditation has been proven to be a key tool to promote resilience. Meditation reduces stress and allows us to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. If you’re ready to start improving and focusing on your resilient mindset, join us this month for just 10 days of 20 minute meditations. We will start on August 10th, together. 

Resilient Mindset Meditation Series

With this on-demand series, you’ll learn to be comfortable with change and struggle, train your mind to be mentally tough, and develop the ability to keep your cool and make intelligent decisions in difficult times.

We recommend doing one video per day for 10 days. Each video is 20 minutes long.

Resilient Mindset Series

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