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Curated programs to keep you motivated and engaged!

How It Works

The Programs

The programs create clear paths to better sport performance, greater health, and higher achievement.

Who is this for?

  • Athletes who are Training to Compete (Middle School & High School) 
  • Athletes who are Training to Win (Elite Student Athletes & College Athletes) 
  • Post College Athletes / Young Professionals (Retired Athletes) 
  • Adults wanting to Stay Active for Life (All Levels)

These programs are for you if...

  • You are ready to commit to bettering yourself.
  • You like being challenged every day.
  • You love having a coach to lead you.
  • You are struggling to catch your breath during competition.
  • You have trouble focusing throughout the day.
  • You have plateaued.
  • You need to prep for an upcoming try-out or competition.
  • You want to win the mental game of being an athlete.
  • You want to regulate your hormones and lose body fat.
  • You want to increase your performance.

One-time cost

No auto-renew.

Wherever, Whenever

View recorded classes in the comfort of your own home or on-the-go!

In Season Program

2020 Season | Competitive Athletes


Competitive Athletes

This program is great for keeping competing athletes at peak performance while offering recovery modalities. 


  • 1 Yoga mat
  • 2 Blocks
  • 1 Strap
  • 1 Bolster
  • 1 Blanket


8 anatomy-focused recorded yoga classes for the 2020 season. Plus 2 bonus videos! Lifetime access – no expiration!

Coach Package

To set teams and coaches up for success, we are offering a Coach Package! For an additional $30, coaches will receive a 45 minute strategy phone call with the creators of this program (to discuss how to effectively implement the program and get any questions answered).

Resilient Mindset Program

10 Days | All Levels


Each Day

Complete one 20 minute meditation video.

Equipment (Optional)

Bolster, blanket, or block (to sit on)


Sign up by August 10th. Access to the course expires August 31st.

Mindful Athlete Program

4 Weeks | All Levels
Youth Competitive Athletes & Retired Adult Athletes


Competing Athletes

This program is great for keeping the competing athelte at peak performance while offering recovery modalities and meditation techniques. 


This program is beneficial for the adult athlete, retired athlete or those who are wanting to stay active life, by triggering an improved physiology by regulating your hormones. Leads to muscle growth and fat metobolism which leads to a reduction in body fat.  We incorporate yoga to help increase your flexibility and range of motion, while working on our mental focus with breathwork and meditations. 

Each Week

  • DAY 1: 5k
  • DAY 2: HIIT
  • DAY 3: Yoga
  • DAY 4: HIIT
  • DAY 5: HIIT
  • DAY 6: Yoga
  • DAY 7: Meditation/Breathwork

Equipment (Optional)

  • 1 Yoga mat
  • 2 Dumbbells
  • 1 Kettlebell
  • 1 Slamball
  • 1 Box


Lifetime access! No expiration.

Train Your Body And Mind

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