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Empowering Athletes to Excel Though Personalized  Training and Yoga

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Are you youth athlete who wants to get to the next level? An athlete who wants to find mobility after an injury? A retired athlete who wants to keep in shape? Get your training and conditioning any way you choose.  Set goals and exceed them with personalized instruction.

FMS Screening

Personal Training

Group Training

Team Training

FMS Screening

All Yoga Athletex Athletes need an FMS (Functional Movement System) Screen. This is recommended for all Yoga Athletex athletes.

What Is A FMS Screening?

A Functional Movement System Screening identifies what areas in your body are not functioning at 100%. 

Assess mobility, strength and flexibility, imbalances, injury potential, and test speed, strength, and jumping ability, and set short and long-term training goals. 

We want to help you with your wellness journey and this is the first step to get there. 

Why Do An FMS Screen?

Learn about your body’s weakness and imbalances and decrease the chances of injury by correcting them through your personalized plan. Work towards a longer life full of activity, playing and being pain-free! 

Okay, I’m ready for my FMS screening, what should I expect?

The screening should take less than an hour. We will move through the 7 FMS exercises and score you from a 0-3. In a follow-up session, we’ll give you your results and a personalized training plan suited just for you. We’ll then put you on a training plan & work with you through those exercises to improve your body back to its optimal state.

What happens after an FMS Screening?

We will develop a personalized plan just for you to get back to your natural state to perform effectively.

Personal Training

One-on-One opportunities to received in-depth support to reach your personal fitness goals

Through one-on-one training,  we help you meet and exceed your goals. Whether you’re training for competitive athletics, to get back on the court post-injury, or for your personal satisfaction, we’ll help you get there. 

One-on-One Training

Boost sports performance through one-on-one personalized coaching. Focus on strength, speed, power, mobility, agility, jumping, and injury prevention. Reach your sport or personal goals with individual support and training.

Strength and Conditioning

Personalized strength and conditioning work can help you get to the next level faster.  Get support and individualized training to increase your competitive athletic performance or achieve personal health goals.

Injury Recovery

Healing from an injury? We’ve been there too. We’re your home for post-rehab activity. Our compassionate, responsive training meets you wherever you are and helps you get back to movement safely.

FMS (Functional Movement Screening)

FMS is the screening tool we use to assess all incoming athletes. Whether or not you have known injuries, this tool helps you discover your body’s limitations so you can prevent injuries before they occur. 

Next Steps

Personal training sessions are run on the availability of the teacher’s schedule. Each coach is different, some teach just Yoga or Athletics, and some both! Ask to learn more about which coach might be a good match for you and your fitness goals.

Group Training

Our group classes are for those who thrive in group environments. Looking for buddies for encouragement and accountability? This is a great place to start. Find a coach who speaks your language and work with them through challenging workouts that push, but don’t overtrain you.

YAX Class

Get everything in one class.

These classes incorporate athletics and yoga to provide a balanced workout and recovery. The programming is always something new, and it combines the best of what we do. 
Details: 60-minute class 
Style: Circuit training followed by yoga cool-down.

Hops (Jump Training)

For athletes looking to increase their hops! We focus on plyometrics, or jump training, in which muscles exert max force in short intervals to increase power, speed and strength. 

You can expect...

– 50 plus classes weekly at convenient times
– Yoga, Athletics or Yoga + Athletics options


This class is for all levels and focuses on increasing functional movement capabilities, core strength, and endurance.

Modifications of the workouts are given for injuries and limitations. We want everyone to leave feeling accomplished. 
Details: 45-minute class 
Style: Low-impact, high-intensity circuit + resistance training.

Next Steps

Try each class and see which ones best fit your needs. Meet your goals and set new ones!

Team Training

Empowering Youth Athletes to Excel Though Personalized Training and Yoga.

Our Yoga Athletex team uses college-level sports experience to train teams in the following sports:  Volleyball, Baseball, Swimming, Lacrosse, Track & Field, Basketball, Soccer, Football, and Golf.

We work with your youth athletic, elite club level, college, or adult professional teams to make them sharper and stronger. We use proven training techniques to push athletes while focusing on injury prevention.



Athletes play focus games that prepare and integrate their bodies and their minds. These games enhance concentration, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and teamwork.


Our athletes are pushed to new limits in their workouts. strength and conditioning workouts range in style and usually incorporate body-weight, low-impact, lightweight, resistance-training, plyometric and high-intensity.

Sports We Train

Volleyball, Baseball, Swimming, Lacrosse, Track & Field, Basketball, Soccer, Football, and Golf.


Yoga is our primary modality for restoring athletes’ bodies after tough workouts. We always focus on proper alignment and use this as a time to stretch and strengthen the body.  Yoga has been shown to increase athletes’ satisfaction and injury prevention.

Next Steps

Train with us seasonally or year-round at our conveniently located facility. Our programming is creative and inspiring for most athletes, providing a change of pace and a new outlook on their training. We also create tailored sport specific training for pre, and post, and offseason needs.


Athletes in all stages of development benefit from the restorative effects of yoga. Come and learn how Yoga will help get you to the next level in your physical goals. Everyone is welcome and modifications are provided for all 


Flow classes are geared towards athletes looking for a stronger, more movement-based yoga and are a good option for those with previous yoga experience. Focus on your breath while moving from pose to pose at a dynamic pace.

Yoga for Athletes

Focus on your typical athletic pain points in this restorative class!  Tight hamstrings, stiff necks, low back pain, and poor posture are just a few of the problem areas we address.  Each class focuses on a specific part of the body, geared towards helping an athletes’ body gain mobility & strength. We help you find ease and tension release in these hatha-based classes to keep you practicing and playing long-term!


Perfect for over-trained, recovering, and tired bodies. Restorative is a prop-supported class that helps your body release into a state of deep relaxation while gently stretching your muscles in long-held poses.


This quiet and slow Yin Yoga class keeps athletes in poses longer to gain maximum benefits from each position.  Many of these poses focus on the connective tissues of the hips, thighs, pelvis and lumbar spine. Increase physical and mental strength through this gentle but challenging class. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes each. 

Private Yoga

Private yoga lessons create the opportunity to focus on particular goals, challenges or physical weaknesses that individuals would like to work on independently. 

Next Steps

Find a class that is the best fit for you and come join us.  We offer a variety of monthly unlimited subscriptions, as well as class packs, and single class drop-ins. Not sure? Just ask!

Train Your Body And Mind

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