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Incorporate FMS, a powerful injury prevention tool into your training arsenal. Identify asymmetries and imbalances in your body to train smart and get to the next level. Work with trainers who tailor programming for every stage of athletic development and who push you to your edge. Come experience the training center for optimal performance and ultimate recovery!


Breathwork plays a big part in your athletic performance and is often overlooked. We incorporate breathing techniques in our classes and teach you how to breathe properly. Book a private breathwork session to learn proper breathing mechanics to increase performance, learn to focus & recover.

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Optimal Training

Start with an FMS + Breathwork screen to correct dysfunctional movement patterns & dysfunctional breathing mechanics. Let us tailor your workouts with private sessions. Meet and exceed your goals. Restore your body to set new PR’s.

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We push hard and know when to stop. We encourage and train you to listen to your body so you’re less likely to get injured. Use our high-intensity interval training so you can train your hardest without overdoing it. Then use yoga and mobility classes to help your body recover.

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We Use Models That Promote Wellness, Strength, and Injury Prevention


All HIIT circuit classes are high-intensity explosive training and conditioning circuits designed to maximize the body’s ability to burn fat and build lean muscle. HIIT also helps the body optimize its hormone and physiological response to exercise while improving overall daily and athletic performance. 

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Yoga for Athletes

Yoga provides the perfect counterbalance for the HIIT training we offer. Yoga slows you down, connects you with your body, and helps you focus on breathwork, deal with critical incidents, and restore your body after training hard.  We are the first yoga studio in Houston to offer Yoga for Athletes (specific to athletic performance), Yoga for Athletes – beginner, vinyasa flow, performance breathwork, and restorative yoga. 

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Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model

The Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) training framework helps us look at an athlete’s development over a lifetime. We make sure to provide age-appropriate training for athletes of all ages to encourage life-long, healthy relationships with physical activity.

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Optimum Performance Training (OPT)

We use the Optimum Performance Training Model, developed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). We use this model to help you reach your optimal performance goals as an athlete.

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Functional Movement System Screening (FMS)

A Functional Movement System Screening identifies what areas in your body are not functioning at 100%- some you might not even be aware of! We assess mobility, strength and flexibility, imbalances and injury potential. We want to help you with your athletic journey and this is the first step to get there.

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Our Trainers

Our trainers have extensive experience in sport performance and yoga. We are here to help you meet and exceed your goals with support.

Whether you are a youth athlete gunning for a Division 1 athletic scholarship, adult athlete looking to balance your training, or an injured youth athlete just out of rehab, we’re here to help you reach your goals!

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Train Your Body And Mind

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