Empowering Female Athletes

Equipping Female Athletes to Excel

Transforming How Female Athletes Train

We grew up in athletics, so we know what it’s like to be a girl in sports. Female athletes are twice as likely to be injured in sports than their male counterparts. We’re here to give female athletes the tools they need to help reduce the chances of injury. We train and support female athletes to be stronger than they imagined and achieve goals beyond their biggest dreams.

Train Smart

Most training programs are still using antiquated techniques that miss the mark with what sport medicine is learning about training female athletes – this can often lead to injury.

We use the latest NASM-approved techniques to help female athletes build strong foundations in movement skills, power and strength, and sport specific skills to help prevent injury and get athletes to the next level.

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Forming Powerful Female Athletes

There’s something powerful about being trained by another female athlete.

Discover new levels of confidence and motivation training with a strong role model who understands exactly where you’re coming from. We are transforming how female athletes train and helping them discover the fearless, powerful athlete within.

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Female Positivity

We create a supportive and positive environment for all female athletes.

Female athletes experience a dynamic shift when they enter a space where they aren’t constantly compared to their male peers. Yoga Athletex is where they can focus on their abilities and push beyond their limits.

Motivation and confidence levels spike when athletes feel safe and supported in training their hardest.

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Ready to get started?

We highly recommend starting with a FMS + Breathwork Screen. From there, we can help direct you into what classes to take according to your training schedule. We recommend taking at least 2-4 HIIT classes/week & 2-4 yoga classes/week. Let us work with you and see everything you can achieve through our science based programming + yoga!

FMS Screening

FMS Screens are recommended for all Yoga Athletex athletes to help prevent injury and create a solid movement foundation.

What Is An FMS Screening?

A Functional Movement System Screening identifies what areas in your body are not functioning at 100%- some you might not even be aware of! We assess mobility, strength and flexibility, imbalances and injury potential. We want to help you with your athletic journey and this is the first step to get there.

Why Do An FMS Screen?

Learn about your body’s weaknesses and imbalances through your screen report. With this information, you’ll be able to decrease injury potential. Increase coordination and performance through your personalized corrective exercise program. Work towards a longer life full of activity, playing and being pain-free!

How does an FMS Screening Work?

The initial screen is a movement evaluation that takes less than an hour. From this screen, your instructor will create a detailed report outlining everything from movement notes, exercises to avoid, detailed reasoning and more. In a follow-up session, your results are shared in-person in addition to a full kinesthetic review of your 4-week, personalized corrective exercise program. Moving forward you gain access to the official FMS portal with detailed program descriptions, videos and more.

What happens after an FMS Screening?

After diligently completing your 4-week program, it is suggested to book a re-screen to see improvements and begin building on your program to work away from corrective exercise and toward performance exercise.

Train Your Body And Mind

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