COVID-19 Response

Hi Team YAX! 

Due to the recent increase in cases, we are being hyper vigilant of our community’s health and safety. In addition to abiding by guidelines of the City, we will continue to keep our gatherings to under 10 people, respect 6’ social distancing rules, take temperatures and surveys, require masks when social distancing cannot be achieved, keep the studio uber clean and more. 

Without infringing upon anyone’s rights to privacy, we openly ask you to stay home and recover for two weeks should you experience any signs of illness related to COVID-19. Specifically anyone who tests positive, both staff and clients, we ask you to stay home for two weeks to recover and test negative before returning back to the studio. We believe this is the best way to keep our community safe and remain open for services that are extremely beneficial to our overall well being.

We understand that everyone has opposing views and we want to do our best to make a decision that everyone will be comfortable with. We will continue to operate under the above regulations, if our staff is well and able to come in. We will allow clients the right to choose whether or not they want to come in the studio or stay home for livestream or on demand classes. 

Please know that by entering the Yoga Athletex studio, you are acknowledging that you are at risk of contracting COVID-19. We respect whatever decision you choose is best for you and your family and are extremely fortunate to have options for you! We absolutely love seeing you in the studio but are also super excited to be able to offer a stellar online experience as well. 

Cheers to staying healthy and supporting small business during these trying times! 

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