Summer Sport Performance + Yoga Program

2020 YAX Summer 8 Week Sport Performance Program: June 8th – July 30th

This summer, we are hosting the first female sport specific performance training program in Houston! We will start on June 8th and meet every Monday – Thursday during the week, through July 30th. We are limiting this program to 8 athletes per time slot to develop each athlete fully over these 8 weeks. We are looking for committed, dedicated and determined athletes who will show up every day and put in the work. Through our sport performance training, you will be prepped and ready to dominate your pre-season this August. You will also experience the MENTAL side of training, that is often left out of most standard training programs. Be prepared to practice performance breathwork techniques and be led through performance meditations to get your mindset in the right space for performance.

We believe in developing athletes from a stance of keeping them healthy for life and extending the length of their athletic career through our training modalities. Everyday we will train hard and recover with yoga and mobility work. All the techniques that we teach are for the athletes to use in their life on and off the court or field. We don’t just train, we educate. We are teachers first, equipping our athletes with the tools they need to succeed on and off the court/field. After years of playing sports ourselves, achieving success, suffering injuries, we want to empower the youth females today to listen to their bodies, push themselves past their preconceived limits and develop them into well rounded athletes who can be active for life and continue to play their sport past highschool & college. Join us now for your best summer yet! 

Are you ready to TRAIN differently to get to your optimal performance? 

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June 8th – July 30th

Ages 15-18 (High School): 8:30am-10am 

Ages 11-14 (Middle School) 10am-11:30am 

8 week program: $1,120 total

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