These are a few of my favorite things...for self care :)

Restorative Yoga Baskets: This super comfy gift bag of a bolster, blanket, 2 blocks and a booklet of how-to for restorative poses has been a hit at the studio this winter. I have all the props at my house, and when needed I use them. I just set up a small area in my room and use these props to de-stress or find stillness. Take home the gift of restore for yourself or a loved one. Supported legs up the wall? Yes, please! 

Mobility Kits: Therapy balls, a foam roller and a yoga strap make recovering so much easier. The therapy balls help target super specific areas of the body for immediate relief. We know y’all all can’t make our 4:30pm mobility session every Wednesday, so we incorporate them into our yoga classes sometimes! You can also take them home with you and use them DAILY 🙂 A foam roller is the easiest option for rolling out hamstrings, calves, lats and the thoracic spine (mid back) area. We love our yoga straps to really target stretching the hamstrings and using them for some FMS exercises as well, like getting full extension and flexion on both legs, while stretching the hamstrings. You can pick these goodies up in the studio for yourself or a friend! 

High Garden Tea: Immune Boost & Sunrise Blend. This yummy tea is a long time favorite of ours. It’s from Nashville so we hope to be stocking up soon! They have all kinds of combinations for different things you might need. I love immune boost when I’m feeling under the weather and sunrise blend when I want the taste of coffee, but don’t want the jitters that comes with it.


Manduka Mats: Because this thing has a lifetime guarantee on it. It’s nice, thick enough to give you padding for your knees, & it comes in x-long y’all! They also have pretty Christmas red & green colors this year! I’ve had mine for 7 years and still use it daily. Get yours in the studio for yourself or for a loved one! It’s a great investment 🙂

Moonbeam Face Wash: Lunar Rituals. Our friend Stevie over at Heights Skin Care & Wellness Retreat makes this AMAZING face wash. I’ve been using it for 2 years and can’t go back to anything else. It really cleans my face without any harsh chemicals and leaves it feeling fresh! Also, If you need an amazing facial, book a spa day for yourself!


YAX Crewneck Sweatshirts: Cozy up in a super soft sweatshirt while you’re watching your favorite movie and sipping on something warm. We still have some left in the studio to get you through the cold days! 

Bone Broth Collagen – Vital Proteins: Warm water + collagen for healthy joints. Do you have arthritis like us? I have been drinking beef broth collagen from vital proteins to help my joints and cartilage. I want to be able to move, sweat, workout, practice yoga & play some pick up volleyball games for many years to come and this has been helping!


Dr Teal’s Bath Salts – Lavender: Because baths, y’all. I love baths for so many reasons. Stress relief, muscle aches, tension relief…. just to name a few. Dr Teals makes epsom salt with essential oils. My personal fav is lavender, it smells amazing and is so relaxing.


Merry Christmas Y’all,