Supplements - Are they necessary?

In today’s society if one lacks nutrients in their daily diet they may and usually, turn to taking nutritional supplements to help fuel their body and keep it on track. When watching our health and what we put into our bodies we always need to make sure what we ingest will help our body and not hurt it. With this precaution we now need to ask, are supplements really necessary? Is there any way around taking vitamins and supplements? Well, supplements may have some benefits but there are also some side effects and detriments that come to taking supplements and need to be watched out for.  All of the following information, tips, and tricks were obtained from

Supplements, although they may help you in one way or another have a tendency to make you more susceptible to viruses and illnesses. If you take too much Vitamin C, it may cause nausea, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. Vitamin C is found in acidic fruits such as oranges and lemons. Vitamin C is also found in broccoli and kiwi fruit. An overwhelming amount of Selenium can cause hair loss, gastrointestinal upset, fatigue and mild nerve damage. Eggs, chicken, and brown rice provide a healthy amount of selenium that could possibly replace a selenium supplement. Multivitamins, which are composed of vitamins, dietary minerals, and other nutritional elements, have the potential to make you more susceptible to cardiovascular disease and cancer. Studies have shown that women who take a multivitamin composed of vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, selenium, and zinc had an increased rate of developing skin cancer. A study was also composed using over 135,000 people. In this group each person had been taking a Vitamin E supplement and it was noted that there was an increased mortality rate in this group, compared to those who didn’t take a Vitamin E supplement. Calcium is another big hitter. People who take too much calcium supplements are prone to hip fractures and again, cardiovascular disease.  

All in all, looking at most cases, vitamins and supplements are not a necessity to our diet. Instead of using supplements to help achieve the correct amount of nutrients in the daily diet, you can try to just eat more wholesome nutritious food to tie up loose ends in dietary needs. Always consult with a doctor when considering supplements and note this blog is general and does not address critical health incidents. 

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