XPT Workshop Experience

On June 8th, I attended the XPT workshop hosted by Yoga Athletex and Mekanix. We did breathwork, a pool workout, fire and ice, and a mobility session. This experience changed my perspective on achieving success in sports and life. Physical ability is only half the battle, the other half is mental capability. Exuding confidence and telling yourself that you can do this is a major player to success in anything. This workshop challenged me mentally and physically and I’m better for it.

We started off with breathwork led by Kalynn at Yoga Athletex. Breathwork is the foundation that is absolutely necessary for success. Particularly in pool workout, mobility, and fire and ice. We were led through box breathing, triangle breathing, super ventilation and breath holds. The breathwork session helped me understand how to control my breathing to be able to excel at the coming activities.

Next up was pool workout. Kalynn, Justin, and Patricia were all there helping out with tips on breath. This part was pretty challenging, but in a good way. It is one thing to do Dumbbell workouts on land, because you have the luxury of breathing and you’re not fighting against gravity, in a sense. In the pool, you are being cautious of your breath and you are fighting to keep yourself from going underwater or incorrectly doing the exercise. Before I began any exercise I would take a big inhale, a big exhale, and then begin. After my exercise was completed, I would usually do super ventilation followed by triangle breathing to regulate my breath. We did many exercises. Some had the goal to stay towards the surface of the water and others were aimed at keeping you on the bottom of the pool. Using everything I had learned just an hour before in the breathwork, I was able to apply, understand, and succeed.

After the pool workout was finished we went over to Mekanix to do fire and ice with Justin and Kalynn, then a mobility session with Patricia. One of the biggest things I learned and advice I would give to anyone trying fire and ice for the first time is to just breathe. Yes, the water is cold and yes when you first hop in it may be a shock to your system, but if you close your eyes and just breathe, you can get through it. Fire and ice is such a mental thing. If you can mentally see yourself achieving those 15 seconds or those 3 minutes you will do it. For me personally, after I regulated my breath by box breathing, I opened my eyes and just started talking or I would imagine that my body heat was warming the water. I didn’t mentally allow myself to feel the cold water bringing my body temperature down. The mobility session was a treat! In mobility we rolled out the upper body to relieve it from all of the repetitive motions we had just done in the pool. Mobility is one of those things that it feels so good but hurts so bad. My personal take on mobility is that it makes you mentally tougher, mainly because you are rolling out your body and it usually hurts but you still do it because you know that you will benefit from it in the long run.

This XPT workshop was an amazing experience. Especially for me being a young athlete looking for ways to stay light years ahead of my competition. So whether you are an athlete looking to up your game, or not training competitively but just looking to improve your mind and body, this workshop is for you! The next workshop is on July 13th. Save your spot HERE! The last experience sold out in less than two weeks, so you won’t want to miss this opportunity! Space is limited to the first 20 sign ups. See you there! 

-Bradley R

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