Do you want to CHANGE your life?

We think you can! By taking 50 classes in 50 days, you’ll not only CHANGE your body, you’ll CHANGE your life!
This may seem like the impossible to the pessimist but it is in fact an achievable goal. How many unsuccessful weight loss plans have you attempted? How many exercise fads have you tried? This 50 in 50 CHAlleNGE is designed to help you refine your yoga practice and dive deeper into your fitness regime. Through this personal, ongoing CHAlleNGE you will gain a better understanding of how your body moves and what serves it best. You will also be introduced to a whole knew world of your what you’re capable of!
The main intent of this CHAlleNGE is take a class (of your choice) every day for 50 days. We are open 7 days a week, you know?! 😉 Overtime, you will see not only the physical benefits but the positive mental shifts within your body and personality. We understand this CHAlleNGE requires a solid time commitment but it is a commitment to your health, well-being and attitude.
50 classes in 50 days may seem like overuse of the body but at our studio, it is not. We offer several classes that are considered “active rest”. For example, yoga for athletes or restorative yoga can be considered active rest.
What’s the purpose of this? How does it benefit ME, you ask? This commitment can offer many positive changes such as better sleep, an increase in mobility and strength, an increase in lean body mass, fat loss, mood lifts, increased drive and our favorite, a large boost in confidence!
When does this CHAlleNGE start? When you want it to! This is an ongoing CHAlleNGE with yourself. Utilizing your unlimited membership, you can come everyday for as long as possible. Think you can’t commit everyday? That’s OK. We know life changes on a whim and can alter your plans. That’s why you can take up to two classes each day (not 3+). If you normally attend 3 days a week, CHAlleNGE yourself to attend 5 days a week, with just 2 classes on 2 of those days. It IS a CHAlleNGE after all! You are seeking CHANGE, aren’t you? You can plan your classes however works best for you. Remember, for this CHAlleNGE to work, you have to make it work! Like I said, it is achievable! CHANGE your mindset, CHANGE your life! Enroll in the CHANGE Challenge!
CHAlleNGE Rules:
You may start the CHAlleNGE any day of the week throughout the year. It does not have to be at the beginning of a month. It just has to be when you are ready to commit to CHANGE.
Once your 50 consecutive days begin, you are able to take as many doubles (2 classes in a day) as you’d like, if you have to miss a day. Therefore, you could miss 2 days but would have to make them up with a double some other day in order to reach the goal of 50 classes.
We encourage you to find a “teammate” or “team” of members to help support your journey!
You will record your classes on challenge board, posted in the lobby. Unlimited memberships make the most financial sense, but you are welcome to utilize class packs as well.
You are welcome to complete the CHAlleNGE more than once in a lifetime, as many times as you’d like! You must sign up at the front desk to enroll in the CHAlleNGE.
Rewards for Completion:
500 reward points! AND a Free Tshirt OR Tank!