It’s summer time! That means it’s time to celebrate, and most importantly… play, work, and restore! That’s why we’re so excited to announce something new this summer!

Along with our 30-in-60 Summer Challenge, we will be having What’s Up Wednesdays during our 5:30 pm YAX class every Wednesday all summer long. We are all about having fun with friends and celebrating our health and fitness together, which is why members are welcome to bring a friend for FREE to this class each week!

What is What’s Up Wednesday?

We’re glad you asked! Each week will have a different theme that you and your fellow YAXers can dress up and participate in. We will have fun attire and music during our workout, along with surprise snacks, refreshments, and health-tips to conclude the celebration.

Week 1
Surf’s Up: Have fun with this one! Dress nautical, beach-ready, luau inspired, or anything ocean-related.

Week 2
Wake Up: Gooood morning! Summer is a great time to sleep-in late, so come on over to class in your PJ’s.

Week 3
Mix Up: Time to get wacky! Mix and match shirts, socks, bottoms, anything that might look a little off. OR, bring a friend and swap looks, dress like your workout buddy for the day!

Week 4
Dress Up: Time to step it up a notch. Pull out your most classy, preppy workout gear. This could be a collared shirt, tennis skirt, or fancy accessories.

Week 5
Pump Up: Pull out your most cheesy, stereotypical workout attire. Muscle shirts, motivating slogans, sweatbands, KT tape… it’s time to get pumped!

Week 6
Batter Up: Hey batter batter, swing! This class is all about baseball, so feel free to come in wearing your favorite baseball team swag.

Week 7
Made Up: Dress like ANY fictional character you want! Or make one up! Get creative with it! (HINT: Wonder Woman, Superman)

Week 8
W(rap) Up: Think about what you might wear to a hip-hop class… sneakers, baggy clothes, get real trendy with it, y’all.
Are you a student and ready to come play with us? Read about our STUDENT SUMMER SPECIAL here! 🙂

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