The OPT Model at YAX

Once we’ve determined what stage of the LTAD model you fit in, we use the OPT model to build a program specific to your needs and goals!

Here at Yoga Athletex we focus our workouts around the Optimal Performance Training model, or the OPT model. The OPT model focuses on three levels: Stabilization, Strength, and Power. Within those three levels there are five phases: Stabilization Endurance, Strength Endurance, Hypertrophy, Maximum Strength and Power.

Level 1: Stabilization
Phase 1: Stabilization Endurance
Level 2: Strength
Phase 2: Strength Endurance
Phase 3: Hypertrophy
Phase 4 Maximum Strength
Level 3: Power
Phase 5: Power

Our training regiments focus on athletic performance and/or weight loss. In order to achieve the clients goal, whether it is losing weight or maximizing sport performance we will have them cycle through Phase one (Stabilization Endurance), Phase two (Strength Endurance) and Phase five (Power).

During phase one (Stabilization Endurance), the goal is to increase and maintain optimal levels of stabilization for prolonged periods of time while simultaneously developing the highest levels of coordinated movement, good form/technique, and structural integrity. Stabilized training is the foundation, which the Strength and Power Levels are built upon.

During phase two (Strength Endurance), we focus on the ability to perform more work, and to tolerate greater exercise volume and intensity. Focusing on Phase two can provide enough strength adaptation for you to move successfully into the Power Level.

Phase five (Power) focuses on preparing the neuromuscular system to function safely and effectively at speeds that will be applied in a natural environment, rather than a controlled gym setting. The Power phase goal is to enhance neuromuscular efficiency, enhance prime mover strength, and increase the overall rate of force production.

Whether you want to improve your sports performance or loose weight, Yoga Athletex is the studio for you!

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