We are all about the love for February, y’all! For the entire month of February, members bring your loved ones in for a FREE class at YAX. That’s right, get on your mat with your friends and family for FREE. Together, we’ll spread the love and joy through the practice of yoga in our Flow room or sweating it out in the Hustle Room.
Need a little bit of a push or “love tap” to get you going this month? We have just the thing for you! We are so excited to announce our very first challenge in our new studio starts February 1st!
The SHARE THE LOVE Challenge: 14 classes in 28 days!
Challenge rules: Take 14 classes (of any kind) in 28 days in the month of February. If you like a challenge, like we do, sign up in the studio by February 1st! Write your name on our challenge board & track your progress throughout the month with other YAX teammates!  Bring your loved ones to sign up & join in on the fun with you!
Challenge accepted? Great!
YAX Members: The SHARE THE LOVE Challenge is FREE for you. All you have to do is show up! If you complete 14 classes in 28 days, you receive a $28 account credit! You can use towards an FMS Screen, some sweet YAX swag, or towards your next month of membership. Talk about love right there. It’s true, we love you.
New Members: $28 for 28 days of unlimited yoga + training! Complete the SHARE THE LOVE challenge and receive a $28 account credit to use towards your next month, package, service or merchandise!

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