HOPS – Jump Training at YAX

Criss Cross make you wanna JUMP, JUMP! (Where my 90’s kids at?)

Are you a volleyball, basketball, track star, or just an athlete that uses explosive movements and looking to improve your vertical and speed? Then Jump Training is for YOU!

Jump Training, also known as plyometric/speed/muscular endurance combo (or HOPS if you’re at YAX), is geared toward athletes looking to increase their vertical and speed. This type of training is designed to have your muscles exert maximum force in short intervals. Jump training also aids in strength, muscle power, balance, and agility.

Here at Yoga Athletex our Jump Training regiment focuses on improving athletic performance within the Stabilization, Strength and Power levels of the OPT Model. This style of training plays an important role in the success of many sports that require explosive vertical or linear movement. During this workout we will focus on the athletes need to be successful and to reduce their risk of injury with slow growth. In order to focus on the Power level the athlete needs to have a good base of stability, strength, and aerobic conditioning.

During a Jump Training class you will be working on a variety of movements from jumping, to sprinting and agility. In this style of training the athlete will also be preparing for injury prevention and improve treatment outcomes. Jump training is an effective method to reduce the incidence of sports injuries. The most common injuries to young athletes happen to take place during a deceleration task. An example of deceleration could be a rapid change of direction or when the athlete is trying to stop instantly. Jump training also focuses on eccentric strength. This is important because with the proper development of eccentric strength an injured athlete can get back to their sport in no time – and with a higher vertical!

Jump training is a fun alternative to your every day workout regiment. Jump training will improve your athletic skills so book your spot TODAY! We offer 25 minutes Jump Training classes Tues/Thurs @ 4:45pm & 7:30pm and Wed evenings at 7:30pm. See you soon! Interested in other times? Let us know! We offer student discounts to all local HS, Club and Collegiate athletes.

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